Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Ohio High School Students Crown Non-Binary Prom King, Queen


Students at Kettering Fairmont High School in Ohio recently named their prom king and queen for the 2023 school year. According to the Dayton Daily News, a pair of gender-fluid seniors received the honors. 18-year-olds Rosita Green and Dai’sean Conley were named king and queen, respectively, the Daily News noted.

The twist? Not only are both ends of the royal couple non-binary, but Conley, the biological male, was the queen, and Green, the biological female, the king.

The day after the two were crowned, Conley, the boy queen, wrote on Facebook: “The LGBTQ really took over last night.” No doubt.

Indeed, the LGBTQ appears to be taking over everything, everywhere.

If high school kids wanted to be really woke, they should nominate a single non-binary, gender-fluid student to be both king and queen. That would be much more efficient.

Pronouns? He/him and she/her. Nouns? King and Queen.

Reality? We are royally screwed.

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