Sunday, May 28, 2023

Texas Democrat Says A Woman Is Simply Someone Who Claims To Be A Woman



Rep. John Bucy (D-TX) was asked to define the word "woman” by fellow Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-TX). Schaefer directed this difficult query at Bucy in the form of, "What is a woman?"

Bucy, apparently channeling his inner Kamala Harris, replied: "When a woman tells me they're a woman I know they're a woman.” Right. Always believe a woman. Even if she isn’t one.

But Schaefer, a typically devious GOPer, pressed the issue, asking Bucy if he could "define a woman."

Bucy responded that when someone—anyone-- tells him that they are a woman "then they're a woman."

Would it were that easy. Might we be a bit gullible? Naïve?

What if Hitler had pronounced himself a “lover of Jews?” Would that have made him one? Xi Jinping can identify as a republican freedom fighter, but, alas, that wouldn’t make it so. There are terrible repercussions for this kind of inanity.

I myself now identify as a well-endowed stallion. Don’t laugh, it’s my chosen and lived identity.  (To clarify, I am a stallion that doesn’t identify as a filly.)

 Giving ourselves over to utter delusion will eventually lead to total chaos, insanity…and the devolution and destruction of society.

But, oh well, I guess. It’s better than hurting anyone’s feelings, right?




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