Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Democrats Used Conservatives' Principles Against Them To Capture Critical Institutions


How did the U.S. become a one-party state, one in which only certain views are allowed?

Here’s how: Conservatives, true to principles, understandably, did not want to use the power of government to stop leftists/progressives/radicals/Marxists from protesting/taking over our institutions/cheating to win elections, etc. This led to leftists/progressives/radicals/Marxists taking over our institutions and winning elections, etc.. And they are only too happy to use government to prevent conservatives from protesting/dissenting/regaining footholds in our institutions…or having a realistic chance to win crucial elections.

This could easily be considered a tad ironic by a sentient being with a functioning cerebral cortex.

For a very brief moment in history, the (formerly) United States was that rarest and most precious of all societies-- a functional, representative, democratic, republic. But that moment has passed, as has that republic, victim of an ever more rapacious and shameless Democratic Party and a meek, hyper-tolerant, Republican Party hoping against hope to still get invited to the coolest cocktail parties.

Much as America’s enemies historically used its (formerly) free press and the nature of its open society against it, Constitution-disdaining Leftists used conservatives’ adherence to the Constitution-- and its mandate for limited government, the rule of law, and equal justice under that law—against them in their now successful bid to get control over virtually all of the country’s institutions and levers of power.

They now ruthlessly use the self-same institutions they used to protest—but now own—to spy on, castigate, deplatform, silence, slander, “cancel” and even incarcerate those with whom they disagree. They eschew dialog and debate and simply scream “racist!” or “transphobe!” at any and everyone who dares to dissent from their preposterous narrative.

The times, they are a-changing…almost as fast as the Democrat Party. Harry Truman and JFK would now be deemed far-right extremists by most of today’s Jackasses. (It will be interesting to see how JFK’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr., is treated by his fellow Democrats-- and their sycophants in the mainstream media—during the 2024 presidential campaign.)

The Democratic Party should be sued for false advertising, as it is anything but democratic as currently constituted. The louder its politicians yammer about appropriation, the more absurd. Elizabeth Warren claimed to be Native American. Stacey Abrams claimed to be the governor of Georgia. AOC claims to be sane. And Hillary Clinton claimed to be the victim of…well, everyone and everything, including “Macedonian content farms.” We now know that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians, but Hillary and certain Democrat operatives did.

The entire Democrat Party claims to be for the “marginalized,” and “disproportionately” aggrieved, yet nothing could be further from the truth. It may still try to “identify” as such, but it has now “transitioned” into the party of willful ignorance, mental illness, intolerance, and tyranny.

Whether lacking real conviction, or the courage to defend those convictions, Republicans—and the rest of us—allowed this longest and most consequential of all insurrections to succeed.

Ironic? Yes.

More’s the pity.

More’s the shame.



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