Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The (Undeclared) War On Christians


Facebook flagged with a warning—and then deleted—a post that simply read, “Jesus died so you could live” due to a “hate speech” violation, or so alleges Billy Hallowell, a former writer for Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze.

FaceBook considers “Jesus died so you could live” hate speech? It is just the opposite. It is, literally, the ultimate in love speech. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Hate speech? Goes against FaceBook’s community code? That tells you everything you need to know about Meta, Zuckerberg…and the “values” and agenda of the Left.

This is simply part of a broader war on Christianity, one now being fought in the West. Remarkably, even allegedly Christian institutions are aiding and abetting progressives in their attacks on Christianity. As just one of countless examples, a professor at Fordham, a purportedly Catholic university, believes that Christianity, going back to St. Paul the Apostle, is to blame for racism and antisemitism…to this day. Professor Magda Teter’s new book, titled “Christian Supremacy,” was recently published. A description of the book says it offers “a profound reckoning with history that traces the roots of the modern rejection of Jewish and Black equality to an enduring Christian heritage of exclusion, intolerance, and persecution.”

Teter states, “What I argue in the book is that white Christian supremacy becomes white supremacy. It never discards the Christian sense of domination and superiority that emerges from its early relationship with Jews and Judaism.”

She goes on to say, “In the United States, Black people serve as contrast figures to whiteness, in the law and in the culture. You cannot have whiteness without Blackness. For Christians, Jews serve as that contrast figure.  Really? Contrast? How about complementarity? Oh, that’s right, you folks don’t believe in that.

And then there’s Wendy Ashby, a former Waterloo Catholic District School Board trustee, who recently resigned after a tweet surfaced in which Ashby called white Christian males “the most dangerous creature on the planet.” Ashby’s vile and preposterous anti-Christian tweets prompted more than 3,000 parents to complain.

Police in Loudoun County, Virginia, recently launched an investigation after a whistleblower revealed allegedly violent online threats against parents who dared to oppose radical curricula during school board meetings. The Loudon County sheriff characterized the threats as “disturbing and almost demonic.” Demonic.

Though it doesn’t get much coverage by the mainstream media, many know that Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered-- and their places of worship destroyed—in the Middle East and parts of Africa. But scores of Christian churches have been vandalized or even firebombed in the United States and Canada in recent months.

Detect a pattern?

The Left is attacking anything and everything that a majority has traditionally done or believed. Objective truths are to be discredited and thrown onto the proverbial ash-heap of history along with historical notions of morality, the idea of merit, and the capitalist economic system…all to be replaced by Communism and the most perverse forms of secularism/humanism/paganism.

Sadly, ever fewer Americans identify as Christians while ever more identify as non-believers. This goes a long way towards explaining the dramatic rise in crime, depression, hopelessness, suicide rates—and gender confusion—occurring in the country in the past few years. (The Biden administration has had a deleterious effect on these, too.)

Tolerance? Progress? Wokeness? Are we on the way to a collective utopia?

The Left’s utter intolerance for dissent leads to regression, not progression. If we don’t wake up from our woke nightmare soon, we will soon find ourselves living in a collective dystopia…from which we may never escape or recover.




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