Thursday, May 18, 2023

Fake Beer. Fake Women. Real B.S.


Think I’ll just grab a cold Bud Light and check out the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

What’s that you say? Bud Light featured a “trans woman” as a spokesperson, and put his her image on some of its cans? And Sports Illustrated is featuring Kim Petras, a transgender model, on the cover of its formerly iconic Swimsuit Edition? 

Okay, I was just kidding. Actually, I’m going to grab a double IPA and go watch a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ video.

One question, though: is Petras holding a Bud Light while “gracing” the Sports Illustrated cover? If not, he she should be.

Fake beer. Fake women. Fake news. Artificial intelligence. “Virtual” reality. Real bullshit. I’m sick of all of them.

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