Friday, May 5, 2023

"Ableism" Out, Wokeness In

A Michigan elementary school teacher who recently enrolled at Calvin University (an allegedly Christian institution) to obtain her Master’s Degree in Education said she was troubled by the very first class she attended. The class was “woke,” she said. So much so, she subsequently decided to unenroll.

She said she didn’t like the curriculum-- and where it seemed to be headed-- based on her first course, stating: “I was uncomfortable with the ‘agenda’ that was being pushed.” The grad school course is titled, “Pathways to Inclusion: Re-Examining Beliefs about Learners.” Of course it is.

The progressive course’s syllabus states that “through this course, participants are invited to embark on pathways to inclusion by examining the needs of learners with differences in school contexts and re-examining commonly held beliefs and practices about identity and difference.” Huh?

The course is taught by Professor Sarah Sunukjian, who told her grad students via email that “as we will explore in this course, so many of the ways we think about and ‘do’ school are arguably rooted in ableist concepts.”

Traditional schooling is arguably “rooted in ableist concepts?” That’s the effing point, lady!

I mean, what the hell?! We used to want our children to grow up to be “able” to do things…like count and read and tell time. And maybe even learn to be competent in accounting, business, medicine… and other trades, occupations, and vocations.

If you think the rash of train derailments, aircraft crashes, inexplicable explosions, and other disasters are bad now, just wait until “ableism” has been eradicated from our society!

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