Thursday, May 11, 2023

Lesbian Dating App Not Just For Lesbians Anymore


Nothing makes sense anymore. Absolutely nothing. And now I actually feel sorry for lesbians. Never thought I’d be in this position. Let me explain.

According to PJ Media, the popular decade-old lesbian dating app HER is not just for lesbians anymore. Which is odd, since it was originally designed and founded “for lesbians.”

However, the CEO of the company has recently informed users of the app that they must be willing to date “trans women,” or they should delete the app from their phones. To that end, the app recently sent a notification to its users, which reportedly number 20 million worldwide, stating: “A Message for Transphobes: Time to delete HER.”

That’s right, legacy lesbians, if you aren’t interested in dating women with penises and a scrotum, you are such a bigoted transphobe that HER doesn’t want you hanging around. I guess lesbianism isn’t what it once was, what it was cracked up to be. Once upon a time, lesbians were defined as women who are sexually attracted to other women. Not anymore. Have to be inclusive, you see.

Ironically, “HER” is now only “for some lesbians,” the kind that don’t mind hooking up with a man who says he is a woman.

Oh, and the kind that are biological men who claim to be women-- and want to hook up with women.



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