Monday, May 29, 2023

Moral And Ethical Confusion Reign


Sadly, moral and ethical confusion reign supreme today, and reason and sanity appear on the way to extinction.

Case in point: according to a nationwide student survey recently conducted by Inside Higher Ed, college students are claiming that difficult course materials and exams, required attendance -- and deadlines-- are all acting as impediments to their college success. Moreover, when asked what professors could do to “help them be more successful,” a majority of young scholars responded that flexible deadlines would be helpful, while a large minority said flexible attendance and participation policies would be helpful, as well. Students also wished professors would experiment with new teaching styles and discuss available wellness resources in class.

Yes, kids, you’d all be much better off with no time constraints, easy exams, and if-you-please attendance. You’d be much readier for the real world, right? Oh, you don’t want to compete in the world-at-large? You’d prefer a universal basic income (UBI) and cradle-to-grave care? In that case, you aren’t humans, you’re cattle. Or worse, “non-viable tissue masses” ala the “clumps of cells” or “fetuses” so many of you like to see aborted.

Case in point number two: According to The New York Post, the Hochul administration is trying to gin up support for a complete ban on the sale of all tobacco products in the state within ten years. To that end, the Empire State’s state Health Department commissioned a new survey aimed at gauging support for an all-out prohibition. Ironically, New York has done everything it can to legalize—and encourage—the use of today’s ultra-potent THC-laced marijuana, a substance containing more carcinogens than most tobacco products, and one that, unlike tobacco, is mind-altering and can cause paranoia. The Big Apple fairly reeks of marijuana today. It has literally gone to pot.

Case in point number three (and proof that it isn’t just Americans who have lost their minds): Gender Museum Denmark, previously known as The Women’s Museum, has recently attracted significant attention for an exhibit pushing woke gender ideology. In the museum’s main hall now stands an 11-foot-tall statue of a naked man with male features and genitalia who is also depicted as having female breasts. The man is shown holding and “breastfeeding” a baby.

A museum originally built to honor women, has been renamed and repurposed to be “inclusive” of all genders-- and features a statue of a nude man “breastfeeding” a baby?

How apropos! What a perfect symbol of the times, and the dying of the West! Surely the museum will soon sport a statue of a woman with a penis in the act of attempting to impregnate a man with a vagina.

Is it possible to mock God/Genesis/Creation—or even evolution—in a more egregious way than this?!

I will close as I opened: moral and ethical confusion reign supreme today, and reason and sanity appear on the way to extinction.






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