Sunday, May 21, 2023

A New Version Of "Twenty Questions" For A World Gone Mad


A New Version Of “Twenty Questions” For A World Gone Mad


How does lopping off breasts and penises morph into “gender care?”

How does killing babies in one’s womb become “women’s health care?”

How did “merit” become controversial…or even a symbol of “white supremacy.”

And could anything be more racist than that concept?

How come unarmed people parading around inside the Capitol Building are “insurrectionists,” but those loudly and aggressively protesting inside other capitols are tolerated or even lauded as heroes?

How come everyone is expected to show ID to cash a check or buy a pack of cigarettes, but Democrats do not expect minorities to be able to produce an ID prior to voting?

How come the manufacture and purchase of cigarettes has been all but criminalized, while the sale and consumption of marijuana, CBD-- and related substances and foodstuffs—has essentially been subsidized and encouraged?

How come it’s okay for biological men to be in women’s lockers and bathrooms, but not for conservatives to speak on campus?

How is it that peddling demonstrable hoaxes has no adverse repercussions, but telling the truth does?

How is it that when an individual citizen makes tons of money it is considered bad, but when the government takes tons of money away from those who earned it, it is a good thing?

And what would the government do without the money it took from the well-off it so disdains?

How is it many of us immerse ourselves in virtual reality, yet can’t recognize actual reality? (Such as the fact that men and women are different.)

How is it that the planet is still here when “scientists” warned us back in the ‘70s that a new and terrible ice age was imminent?

How is it that there are now 8 billion people on Earth when the esteemed professor and biologist Paul Ehrlich warned us in 1968 that mass starvation and a shattering collapse of civilization was a “near certainty” in the next several decades?

How is it the Bidens get away with literally anything and everything…while the media and powers-that-be gin up stories implicating Trump in any and every type of wrongdoing?

How is it that invasive species are universally considered a serious threat to the nation and its environment, but unchecked illegal immigration is not?

How is it that a lone Christian’s silent prayer is not tolerated near an abortion clinic, but Muslim call to prayer can be broadcast over loudspeakers throughout a major city?

How is it that Democrats’ purportedly “compassionate and caring” policies virtually always lead to nothing but despair and devastation? (Compare and contrast Democrat-run cities-- and states-- to those that Republicans control.)

How is it that the freedoms granted to each of us by the Creator—and to Americans via the Constitution and the Bill of Rights-- are being usurped and expunged by the ruling class?

How is it, that, despite all of this, so many Americans still vote for Democrats?


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