Thursday, May 4, 2023

Leftists Are Frauds Who Sow Evil For Their Own Benefit


The left acts as though many things matter to them. Black Lives Matter! Trans rights! The climate! The planet! Kids! Equity! But, in reality, something with which they are not particularly familiar—or fond of-- they are really asserting: “Nothing Matters And What If It Did?!” At least, that’s what the result of their policies/prescriptions strongly infers.

Their goals? Breaking up the family. Causing people to be unable to tell a man from a woman…or define either. Preventing kids from being born. Mutilating their private parts if they are born. Cancelling dissent and independent thought. Pitting us against each other. Mocking patriotism and tradition. Rewriting history. Essentially labeling Christianity as evil. Dispensing with all standards, behavioral and otherwise. Replacing merit with “equity.”

No wonder so many are disillusioned, dispirited, depressed-- and filled with dread, not hope. No wonder so many, especially young people, have no faith-- and turn to violence. No wonder so many are taking their own lives. They are filled with entitlement and grievances, not wonder and gratitude.

They have to be. It’s what they are taught. It is how they have been indoctrinated. “Progressives”/leftists use kids in every way imaginable…for their own convenience. Economically, politically, sexually, etc. And it is a tragedy beyond compare.

The results? Rising crime. Open borders. Falling life spans. Sky-high inflation. Rising interest rates. Supply-chain issues. Children—and adults—terrified of an allegedly imminent “Climate Armageddon.” War with Russia. Communist China set to attack Taiwan…and own the world. Racial division and hatred. The belief that America is comprised simply of oppressors and the oppressed. Fentanyl. Suicide. Etc., etc. And the idea that there is nothing else to believe in.

But why do they do this? How can they justify to themselves the demonstrable results of their actions?

Because societal breakdown is historically a precursor—and prerequisite-- to leftists attaining power. In perpetuity.

Power. You see, to them, Nothing Else Matters…and what if it did?





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