Saturday, May 13, 2023

Pro-Life Women A National Security Threat, Says DHS


According to national security planning documents obtained by America First Legal (AFL), President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) considers pro-life women a potential domestic terrorism threat.

A recent article noted that America First Legal criticized the documents in a statement posted along with its release of the files, saying: “The Department of Homeland Security’s transformation into a domestic intelligence organization and a Stasi-like Deep State internal security apparatus is alarming.”

AFL Director of Investigations Reed Rubinstein stated: “It is a very long way from ‘see something, say something’ regarding an unattended suitcase at the airport to profiling patriotic and politically conservative Americans as abusive parents and domestic terrorists because they oppose abortion on demand and voted for former President Trump. The agency is out of control.”

You think?

You see, the way the woke-addled see it, baby’s lives don’t matter. All lives don’t matter. In fact, only Black and LGBTQ lives matter. And their own, of course, whatever their color or sexual orientation.

Translation: the only lives that matter to Democrats (and their supporters) are the ones that belong to those who are most likely to vote for them.

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