Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Current Events Quiz


Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz #11

(Can you get a perfect score?)


1)      The Biden administration recently let what fly across much of the country before finally shooting it down over the ocean off the Carolina coast?

a)       A witch on a broom

b)      An Iranian drone

c)       A Chinese spy balloon

d)      A Canadian goose

e)      An airplane filled with Trump supporters


2)      The Biden administration subsequently shot down what?

a)       A Canadian airliner

b)      A student’s science project

c)       Air Force 2

d)      A UFO

e)      Definitely ‘b,’ and possibly either a, c, or d


3)      The Biden administration—and several Democratic governors—have recently considered banning the manufacture and/or sale of _____________?

a)       “MAGA” hats

b)      Gas stoves

c)       Gasoline-powered vehicles

d)      ‘b’ and ‘c’

e)      The use of logic and reason


4)      A Canadian shop teacher has recently been in the news because of his _____________?

a)       Massive prosthetic penis

b)      Massive prosthetic breasts

c)       Cheerful and professional demeanor

d)      Extraordinary competence

e)      Side job selling intricately-carved wooden figurines of Disney characters


5)      CNN recently parted ways with __________?

a)       Chris Cuomo

b)      Brian Stelter

c)       Don Lemon

d)      All of the above

e)      Journalistic integrity


6)      Fox News recently parted ways with ___________?

a)       Tucker Carlson

b)      A great many viewers

c)       ‘a’ and ‘b’

d)      Geraldo Rivera

e)      Rachel Maddow


7)      China is _________?

a)       All of the below

b)      Almost certainly about to attack Taiwan

c)       A communist nation run by the Chinese Communist Party

d)      Trying to take over the world via the “Belt and Road Initiative,” etc., etc.

e)      Run by people who, although sinister and power-mad, are much more serious, forward-thinking, nationalistic, and effective than are the people ruining running Western nations


8)      The record-breaking snowfall, snowpack, and cold temperatures across the U.S. and much of the world this winter and spring are clear indications of ______________?

a)       Global warming

b)      Global cooling

c)       The idiocy of experts’ predictions and assertions

d)      The natural and cyclical randomness of weather

e)      Both ‘c’ and ‘d’


9)      The war in Ukraine __________?

a)       Is thus far clearly being won by Ukraine

b)      Is thus far clearly being won by Russia

c)       Is being needlessly prolonged by the Biden administration

d)      Is stupid

e)      Is being primarily waged by two flawed nations, to the detriment of most of the western world, and has many historical antecedents… and future historical ramifications


10)   Transgenderism is ______________?

a)       All the rage today, a remarkably hip fad, especially amongst today’s schoolkids

b)      Currently being zealously promoted in schools and by elite influencers around the world

c)       The most preposterous form of “appropriation” imaginable

d)      Impossible

e)      All of the above


Answers: 1) c 2) e 3) d 4) b 5) d 6) c 7) a 8) e 9) e 10) e

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