Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The Media Has No Clothes


As Tucker Carlson has recently spelled out, the corporate media is corrupt.

“Disinformation” is all too often its term for “the truth.” “Fact check” really means comparing something to its agenda and deeming it “false” if it does not completely comport with it.

If there was CCTV video of Xi JInping handing suitcases full of cash to the Bidens in exchange for policy considerations most favorable to China, the mainstream media would call it a Russian disinformation operation—aided, abetted, and paid for by Donald Trump.

There is zero chance that anything you see in the legacy news media is true, fair, accurate, and unbiased. Period. The MSM is nought but the propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialist Party, comprised of utterly shameless, morally bankrupt, intellectually stunted, virtue-signaling charlatans who cannot tolerate dissenting opinion. They are worse than useless to the majority of us on Main Street, as they are still quite useful to the elites who disdain us-- and to their globalist agenda-- by preying on the ignorant, gullible, and naïve.

When Republicans control the government, the Fourth Estate loudly touts their sacred mission: “to speak truth to power” and hold our public servants accountable.

When Democrats are in power, the media immediately become sycophantic lapdogs, eager to help them hide any wrongdoing-- and willing to obfuscate, deceive, lie…and even help “hide the bodies,” if necessary.

A free press is of great use to a free society/democratic republic.

It is too bad we don’t have one.





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