Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Carousel Theatre For Young People Holding "Drag Queen Camp"


The Carousel Theatre for Young People (CTYP), a taxpayer-funded children’s theater in Vancouver, will host a “drag queen camp” for kids as young as seven this summer. The organization, which purports to be dedicated to helping children “develop emotional literacy,” has scheduled multiple “drag camps” for July. According to its website, there will be a “junior drag camp” for 7-11-year-olds and a “teen drag camp” for ages 12-17 from July 4-7. (Nothing says “Independence Day” like a young drag queen, a “drag princess” if you will.) An additional camp for the older kids is slated to be held from July 10-14.

The event’s description asks the kids that age old question: “Do you enjoy expressing yourself through clothing, make-up and performance?” Well, do you boys? Do ya’?

Moreover, it queries the would-be queens, “Do you have an alter ego that is just waiting to hit the stage?” adding that “Our new two-week senior Drag Camp might be just your cup of tea, honey!” Who wouldn’t want some sugar poured into their tea, honey?!

The CTYP proudly claims that “Vancouver’s established and emerging drag artists” will be instructing the children “how to access your inner confidence, show your true colors, and maybe even let out that inner diva.” Who doesn’t have one of those? We just need to give them proper training.

The CTYP also notes: “You might be wondering, is drag for kids?”

To which, unsurprisingly, it answers: “Drag is for everyone! Parents, ask yourself, what’s the difference between what you wear at home versus what you wear at work? You’re doing drag, honey, you just don’t know it!”

You can bet this camp won’t be a drag. Well, actually, yes it will be. But in the most fabulous way!

Who needs boating, swimming, camping, and fishing when you could opt to dress up like a big girl and flounce around all day?

“Dad and mom, can I go to drag queen camp again this year? Can I, huh? Please? We got to wear high heels, and makeup, and try on panties, and we danced for the instructors and counselors, and…”



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