Monday, April 10, 2023

Good Friday, Then And Now


A photo showing several New York City skyscrapers emblazoned with bright crosses, formed by lights in each building being turned on to form the holy Christian symbol outlined against the darkness of unlit rooms and the night sky surrounding them, has recently resurfaced on social media. The three crosses measured roughly 150 feet in height.

The year was 1956. The date was April 5th. Good Friday.

How times have changed.

Sixty-seven years later, an Oregon woman was (allegedly) denied permission to adopt a child because she is a Christian. (In days of yore, when a child needed to be adopted, a common thought was that he or she would be best off if put “in a nice Christian family.” We’ve come full circle in just two or three generations.)

And Walter Reed National Military Medical Center issued a “cease and desist order” to Holy Name College, a community of Franciscan Catholic priests and brothers, who have provided pastoral care to service members and veterans at Walter Reed for nearly two decades. Entering Easter Holy Week. Walter Reed dispensed with the Catholic priests in favor of a secular defense contracting firm.

Moreover, “On Easter Sunday (April 9th),” according to an Eventbrite post, “the Los Angeles LGBT Center” was scheduled to host “the all-ages Drag March LA—mobilizing against the oppressive anti-LGBTQ+ tidal wave in America.” Say what? There is an oppressive anti-Christian tidal wave-- being launched in part by transgenders in this country-- but the LGBTQ Community is sacrosanct, while transgenderism is the hottest fad and coolest religion going today.

Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently repealed the state’s near-total abortion ban, dating back to a 1931 statute, guaranteeing that abortion-on-demand will remain legal for the foreseeable future.

She proudly stated: “Today, we’re going to take action to make sure that our statutes and our laws reflect our values and our constitution.” She added that ongoing efforts to ban abortion in other states were “un-American, anti-free and, frankly, sickening.”

Preventing the wholesale slaughter of the very innocents you’ve created is sickening? Actually, I can’t think of a more sickening statement than that, but, what-the-hell, Whitmer was allegedly re-elected by a majority of 54%-44% about five months ago, so most voters in the Wolverine State must be pro-baby-slaughter.    

And Democratic governors in states such as Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, California, and Minnesota proudly preside over their fiefdoms and often trumpet their liberal abortion laws.

Anti-Christian bigotry— and outright hatred—is rapidly rising across the fruited plain. Marxist/Fascist beliefs and policies are aiding and abetting the assault.

All of this has-- not coincidentally—occurred simultaneously with a collapse in Americans intelligence, at least as measured by IQ scores. The finding of a rapid decline in intelligence should not be a shock to anyone, given that many now profess to believe that men can become women and vice-versa. (The dumbing down of America was presaged by the public education system opting for indoctrination over education and edification and the mainstream media trading objectivity for agenda-driven “reporting.”)

I have never been a proselytizer, but when Christians are confronted by aggressive, intolerant idealogues who mock our belief in a “sky daddy,” we need to push back and set the record straight.

As believers, we may be challenged to explain the existence of God.

Those who don’t believe, however, have to explain the existence of absolutely everything else.

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