Tuesday, April 18, 2023

When "Diversity" Trumps Merit, Everyone Loses


Just weeks after a train derailment and “controlled” burn of the toxic spill poisoned the air and water in East Palatine, Ohio, a truck carrying the toxic soil away from the site overturned, dumping its contents just four miles away. Authorities are claiming that the spill was contained. Of course, they claimed the original spill was contained and essentially harmless, which was demonstrably untrue.

The commercial tractor-trailer, carrying 40,000 pounds of contaminated soil, was involved in a collision causing it to tip over and dump roughly 20,000 pounds of the toxic soil into the environment. Again. Déjà vu. Department of Redundancy Department.

The truck’s driver reportedly suffered minor injuries and was cited for operating a vehicle without reasonable control. Say what?!

In other news:

*Reports indicate that 18,000 cows recently perished in an explosion on a ranch in the Texas panhandle. Say what?!

*Highly sensitive leaked documents, potentially damaging to the U.S. and its interests, have apparently been circulating on social media and message boards for months without the Biden administration being aware of this. And the Bidenites don’t even know how this occurred.

*Top-secret security documents containing information about President Biden’s recent trip to Northern Ireland were found on a Belfast street according to the Police Service of Northern Ireland. A local man, who identified as “Bill,” called into the BBC's "The Nolan Show” to report that he had found security documents lying on a street near his home. The Biden administration had no explanation for this embarrassment, either.

Abandoning Afghanistan, military first and civilians later, and leaving behind billions of dollars of high-tech weaponry for the Taliban. The Chinese spy balloon debacle. Top-secret documents strewn around the country—and world. Trains derailing nearly every day. Flight delays. Airplanes nearly colliding on a routine basis. Food-processing plants burning down. Homeless encampments going up.

This is what happens when you value diversity over merit. Inevitably.

And, tragically, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


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