Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Today's Top News Stories?

Today’s Top News Stories?


*When only the police are “allowed” to have firearms, you live in a police state. Definitionally. Period. If the police, too, are disarmed, as some leftists demand, only criminals will have guns…and the result of that should be too obvious to require elaboration.

*The North Star State is now a sanctuary for abortion, illegal aliens, and transgenders. “Minnesota: come for the cold, stay for the high taxes! Bonus: we’re now a Sanctuary State for Satan!”

*A freight train recently derailed in Paradise, Montana, according to authorities. CNN reported that at least 25 train cars went off the track near Highway 135, leaking beer into the Clark Fork River approximately 200 miles northwest of Bozeman. To say there is trouble in Paradise is an understatement. In the past few months, trains have been derailing across the United States at an unprecedented rate. (Calling Pete Buttigieg.) The U.S. itself has gone tragically off track since, oh, about January 20, 2021.

*Some leftist protesters at the Tennessee State Capitol were captured on video holding up an extra finger during a moment of silence to mourn the recent killing of six people, including three 9-year-old children, at the hands of a crazed transgender shooter in a Nashville, Tennessee, Christian school. Ironically, the protesters who swarmed the Volunteer State’s Capitol were ostensibly protesting gun violence. Yet, in a video of the moment of silence, some protesters held up seven fingers instead of six, in a “tribute” to the transgender shooter. One protester hollered, "Every death is a tragedy, y'all! Seven lives!" No, the death of a crazed mass murderer before he/she can kill more innocent people is a blessing, asshole. I am holding up a middle finger to the protesters right now.

*Democrat state Rep. Anne Allen (!) Westbrook, during a recent legislative debate on SB 233, A.K.A. the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act, stated, “The question that came to my mind is: Who is my child?”  She replied to herself: “Every single child in Georgia. Every single one. Without exception. Not just my own. Not just the ones that I gave birth to.” Incredibly, she made this statement attacking school choice. “Progressives” in government literally think they know better how to educate and raise your kids than you do. “Progressives” oppose others’ choice to remain unvaccinated or purchase a firearm. They don’t believe in your choice to avail yourself of your free speech rights-- or even to own and operate a gas stove. A person’s “right” to choose to kill their own babies is the only choice in which they appear to believe.

*Washed-up pop star “Madonna” has announced that she will perform a concert in Nashville, Tennessee, to benefit “trans rights” groups-- while completely ignoring the families of the six victims who were killed by a “trans” shooter in last week’s Christian school massacre. That Madonna Louise Ciccone, American singer, songwriter, and actress, chose to be known simply as “Madonna” seems to me to be the height of appropriation. Especially in the wake of the slaughter at the Christian school, and her announcement-- during Easter Week—that she will be touting trans and dissing Christians. This modern Madonna is no virgin. And no lady.





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