Monday, April 24, 2023

FBI Targets Internet Slang


Recently released documents showed that the FBI is now associating common internet slang with "Violent Extremism.” The Heritage Foundation's Oversight Project used a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain the documents that include glossaries illustrating that certain words and phrases have been flagged as indicators of "Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremism" or "Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism."

One document refers specifically to "incels," or those "involuntary celibate," whom the "threat overview" describes as possibly seeking to "commit violence in support of their beliefs that society unjustly denies them sexual or romantic attention, to which they believe they are entitled." The assessment admits that “most incels do not engage in violence," but adds that they have been involved in "at least five lethal attacks in the United States and Canada." (You’d be a little on edge, too, if you weren’t getting any. Just kidding.)


The list of problematic terms includes “based,” which the FBI characterizes as a word used to “refer to someone who has been converted to racist ideology, or as a way of indicating ideological agreement.” “Based” was coined by the rapper Lil B and is typically used to refer to something that is “agreeable” and “cool,” or “anti-woke.”

“LARPing,” a term I’ve never encountered before, also made the list. It refers to people engaged in live-action roleplay, particularly as characters in high-fantasy settings.

“Looksmaxxing,” which the documents defined as the “process of self-improvement with the intent to become more attractive,” was on the list, as well. Conversely, several terms connected to self-pity adorn the list, among them “heightcel” and “baldcel,” which apparently refer to short people and bald people, respectively. “It’s over,” often used to convey “the hopelessness of being an incel,” will also attract the attention of The Bureau.

But wait, there’s more.

The glossary defines the term “Chad” as a “Race -specific term used to describe the idealized version of a male, who is very successful at getting sexual and romantic attention from women.”


“Stacy”-- Chad’s counterpart—has also been smeared by the FBI, and is defined as an “idealized version of a female, who is very successful at gaining sexual and romantic attention from men. Chooses Chad over incels.” She chooses Chad over incels? What a bitch! Actually, Stacy is probably just pragmatic.    

And, of course, “Red Pill” made the cut, too. The term became popular after it was instrumental to the 1999 movie The Matrix, and refers to a process by which a person’s perspective is dramatically transformed. The FBI defines it as “a belief shared by many online communities that society is corrupt, and that the believer is a victim of this corruption.”

In truth, the movie presents the red pill as the pathway to discovering the truth behind the lies that our rulers are telling us, thereby affording us the opportunity to escape the mental prison in which their prevarication seeks to place us…permanently.

On the other hand, to take the blue pill is to choose a life of ignorance, a refusal to shatter the oddly comfortable illusion in which one is living.

Democrats desperately want us all to keep taking the blue pills…so that they can retain and enhance their power.

But the red pill is the only way forward if a society wishes to retain, enhance, or regain its freedoms.


(Bonus writing for FBI perusal: “In my opinion, based on what I’ve observed, Chad and Stacey have been engaging in looksmaxxing. Chad is fighting baldcel and heightcel and Stacey has apparently been red-pilled. Their larping looks increasingly strained and mirthless. In short, I think it’s over.”) 


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