Thursday, April 6, 2023

California Bill Proposes To Provide Free Condoms To Students


A bill proposed in the state of California would require public schools to make condoms available to students for free. Naturally, the proposal characterizes the provision of free condoms to students as an enlightened way to significantly decrease the number of sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. (Of course, the kiddies’ condoms aren’t actually free, as their taxpayer parents—and all other taxpayers-- must pay for them.)

The measure declares, “Each public school serving any of grades 7 to 12, inclusive, shall allow the distribution of condoms during the course of, or in connection to, educational or public health programs and initiatives.” Perhaps we should just have a provider walk through algebra and English classes, ala a peanut vendor at a ballpark, shouting: “Get your condoms here! Free prophylactics! Ribbed Trojans for your partner’s pleasure! Extra-large semen reservoir at the tip! Free condoms here! Get your free condoms here!”

Democratic state Sen. Caroline Menjivar might well be in favor of that idea. She stated, by way of a press release: “By requiring free condoms in all California high schools, we are empowering the youth who decide to become sexually active to protect themselves and their partners from STIs, while also removing barriers that potentially shame them and lead to unsafe sex.” (The senator might want to consider dropping “Men” from her last name and going simply by Caroline Jivar…or maybe changing her last name to “Theyjivar” in the interest of inclusivity. And, let’s see, not having a condom could potentially shame students? Well, perhaps in California.)

Why is it that the public educational system now seems more concerned with discussing, depicting, and tutoring kids in the ways of sex-- the kinkier the better-- than it is with teaching them about, well, anything else? It seems that when teachers aren’t asking their young students about their kinkiest desires or fantasies, they are trying to find out what they are in person by sleeping with them. Overtly sexual— as well as inappropriate and unrelated to reading, writing, and arithmetic —material is even used to determine a part of students’ grades via quizzes and tests.

Not too many decades ago, middle and high school students were trading baseball cards and chewing bubble gum…for which they could be sent to the principal’s office or be otherwise disciplined. Now they are being given condoms and dental dams. (Back in the day, Prom Queens were revered. Today, drag queens are. And Prom Queens are sometimes boys.)

Sure, we should want to protect our offspring from sexually transmitted diseases. But we could help do this—and more—by protecting them from the socially transmitted diseases of progressivism and wokeism…and the irrationality and mental illness that are their hallmarks.




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