Sunday, April 9, 2023

New York City Ponders Asylum Seeker Blueprint For Illegal Aliens


New York City Mayor Eric Adams has a plan to deal with the massive influx of illegal immigrants. He should have a plan, one would think, because the Big Apple is a “Sanctuary City.”  So, what is his plan? Adams wants to send them elsewhere—anywhere else—by bribing them with the promise of free college and housing.

His plan, the “Asylum Seeker Blueprint,” would involve a partnership between the State University of New York and the nonprofit Center for Discovery. If put into place, the plan would “offer asylum seekers the opportunity to relocate to Sullivan County, attend SUNY Sullivan Community College, live in college residence halls and earn a post-secondary credential or degree.” Sullivan Community College is more than 100 miles away from New York City-- and Mayor Adams.


The city is also working on additional plans to “resettle” the illegal immigrants in other municipalities, yet officials stress that these are just plans for now, and that they may be altered—or never actually implemented.


Some Sanctuary City for illegals. Typically empty woke virtue-signaling.

“If you will just get the hell out of town, we will give you free tuition to a college anywhere at least 100 miles from here. Have a good education! Love you guys!” 


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