Sunday, April 23, 2023

Four That Won't Bore

Four That Won’t Bore

*The Public Health Agency of Canada recently released a report about climate change and the alleged dangers it poses to Canucks. According to The Post Millennial, the report stated that white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and racism were all “systemic drivers of negative health outcomes and climate change,” and that therefore we must embark on a plan focused on “decolonizing, justice, and equity.” White Supremacy is a systemic driver of climate change? How can this be? Do Black people absorb more sunlight, thereby keeping the planet cooler?

*President Biden invited Tennessee Democratic state Reps. Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson to the White House. The infamous Tennessee Three will visit on April 24th. The president thanked them for their leadership regarding gun control-- and for standing up for democratic values. The three recently led a near riot/insurrection at the Tennessee Capitol in an effort to take Americans’ Second Amendment rights away from them. Democratic values? Biden did not invite the families of the victims of the Covenant School massacre to meet with him at the White House. Values.

*John Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, recently informed Congress that taxpayer dollars are finding their way into the Taliban's pockets. Sopko made the allegation during a House Oversight Committee hearing regarding the Biden administration's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. He went on to note that the Taliban are likely diverting money intended for “the poor Afghan people” for their own nefarious uses. Even more shockingly, Sopko testified that the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development have been guilty of “unprecedented” obstruction and have demonstrated an “abject refusal to allow oversight” of the more than $8 billion that America has sent to Afghanistan since the bungled withdrawal less than two years ago. So our money is almost certainly being used by the Taliban to oppress women and harm gay people. Way to go Biden administration! Values. Democrats are frauds and inveterate liars.

*Seven sorority sisters have sued the University of Wyoming for admitting a transgender woman into their house over claims “she” voyeuristically peeped at them while visibly aroused. The actual women also sued Artemis Langford, their 6’2”, 260 lb. transgender sorority “sister,” who joined their chapter in September 2022. Langford was scheduled to move into the Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) house alongside 50 other women. The 21-year-old currently lives outside of the home, but the girls say she is often in their sorority house watching them-- and that they have caught her sporting an erection on at least one occasion. So? I mean, can’t a woman have an erection now and again? Jeez! Let’s show a little tolerance, girls!



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