Saturday, April 29, 2023

Twitter Nut Says Concept Of "Men" And "Women" Rooted In "White Supremacy"


Recently, a radical non-binary clown tweeted out his/her/Xe/Xir/they/whatever assertion that the idea of men and women is rooted in colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism. (That’s right, the “idea” of “men” and “women” was created out of whole cloth by colonial, capitalist, white supremacists!) Libs of TikTok highlighted the tweet from a person (apparently) going by the moniker “ykhong.”

No, moron, it long preceded all of these. In fact, the “idea” goes back to creation itself…which you had no say in. (Deal with it.) Genesis: “Male and female He created them.”

Men and women are not an idea, they are living, breathing biological facts. On that, at least, the science is settled. Or used to be. Good thing, too, or the radical non-binary Twitter clown wouldn’t be here.

The radical non-binary clown went so far as to state that those in the trans community can even point out the “ludicrousness” of anyone who doesn’t believe him/her/they.

How about the ludicrousness of a man with a beard, scrotum, and penis claiming to be a woman-- with full natural rights to women’s bath and locker-rooms—even if he donned a dress or a string of pearls?

The idea reality of men and women has existed from the beginning of time and throughout all ages…until now. Don’t know if Adam and Eve were White Supremacists, but I know they weren’t colonialists. Karl Marx disdained capitalism, but he recognized the idea existence of men and women. As does the Chinese Communist party. Ugandans, Kenyans, and other Africans clearly recognize the idea and existence of men and women. Respect and cherish it, even. And I, for one, doubt that most of them are white supremacists.

The facts is: men and women existed for thousands of years before the advent of colonialism or capitalism. That is inarguable. Nor does “white supremacy” have anything whatsoever to do with the foundational reality of men and women.

Thank God.

The idea that the idea of men and women stems from colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism is rooted in entitlement, ignorance, atheism, a god complex…and insanity.




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