Monday, April 3, 2023

Democrats Moving In For The Kill


I have always been a believer in limited government. I have always been aware that most men are not inherently good, let alone perfectible. Yet, I have, until recently, never believed in conspiracies, and was anything but a conspiracy theorist. Events of the past few years have, sadly, further opened my eyes to the extreme lengths some will go to attain, enhance, and sustain power over others.

I now believe the indictment and possible conviction of former President Donald Trump, along with a potential gag order, is a preplanned attempt to engender a broad and potentially violent response among his supporters. Subsequent to which, Democrats and their various “intelligence” services, federal departments, deep staters, security personnel, and various legal and civic “experts” and “scholars”—eagerly (yet so soberly) cheered on by their sycophants in the media, will call for and impose a sort of martial law. Oppositional conservative voices will be silenced and/or arrested, bills will be passed to neuter or shut down conservative websites and media outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, The New York Post, and American Thinker, as well as certain talk radio programs, and selected blogs and podcasts…in a desperate, last-ditch effort “to save our beloved democracy.” (And therefore yet another Babylon Bee headline will come true: “Democrats Vow To Arrest As Many Political Opponents As It Takes To Defeat Fascism.”)

But it is worse than that. Democrats know that either of the two nearly certain outcomes of their actions will allow them to consolidate and perpetuate their power, until the sun expires, which is their only real goal. If there is no widespread outcry or protest of this banana republic-esque action, they will know they have already won…and can do whatever the hell they want from here on out, openly and with impunity. And extreme prejudice.

Either outcome would be the end of the republic formerly known as the United States of America.

How did we get here?

The plandemic afforded the elite globalist authoritarians in power a glorious opportunity to not let a crisis go to waste. (Noted leftist “Hanoi” Jane Fonda actually publicly stated, “COVID is God’s gift to the left.”) They ran with it, telling many people their jobs were not critical, making them wear facial masks and accept an experimental vaccine into their bodies, forcing them to stay inside their homes for months at a time, and preventing them from attending the weddings-- or even funerals—of their loved ones. Surprised—and buoyed—by the extraordinary compliance of their constituents, they turned to implementing The Great Reset.

And, in America, to setting up the “Jan. 6” protesters—and subsequently incarcerating many of them for months on end…without charge. And raiding the residence of a former president for the first time, for no valid reason, even as they gave the current president and his family a complete pass on a litany of alleged egregious crimes.

And now they have, also for the first time ever, indicted a former president, for alleged process crimes… for which the statute of limitations has already run out.

Today’s Democrats are brilliant at being evil.

Is there a third possible outcome? Is there still a way to save and rehabilitate the republic that the most brilliant and courageous group of men who have ever trod the earth bequeathed to us in America?

Beseech the Almighty. And then read Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis” and “Common Sense.” Read The Federalist Papers, especially those penned by James Madison, the author of The Constitution. And read the Declaration of Independence.

And decide for yourselves.

A freedom leftist tyrants (like today’s Democrats) seek to deprive you of.





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