Friday, April 7, 2023

Media Bias Reaching Preposterous Levels


Donald Trump’s post-indictment speech from Mar-a-Lago was broadcast nationwide, but ABC decided to blur out Trump’s podium, which gave the audience a number to text so they could receive official campaign notifications. It is sadly typical of the mainstream American media to try to erase reality. It would simply be pathetic if such a large percentage of the populace weren’t utterly ignorant of history and current affairs. But that is just the way Democrats like them. Need them to be, in fact. If the vast majority of people had a clue, Democrats would rarely ascend to power. (This explains the public school system.)

Fake news is all too real. No one in the legacy media has blurred out a message on a podium at which a Democrat was speaking. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if an unofficially state-affiliated outlet blurred out Trump’s face or utilized a computer-generated image (CGI) to add a chin wart and devil horns to his head when next he speaks before a national audience. Conversely, it is entirely plausible that one will enlarge and enhance any message on a podium at which a Democrat is speaking, while placing a CGI of a halo over his or her head.

The Fourth Estate abandoned its supposed objectivity and picked sides long ago. Its bias has quickly grown and metastasized in the past few years…to the point that it is a clear and present danger to the republic.

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