Tuesday, November 30, 2021

"Meet A Jew"


Antisemitism is—yet again—on the rise in Europe, as it is elsewhere. To help combat this scourge, Germany recently introduced a program intended to normalize Jewishness. This endeavor has been dubbed “Meet a Jew.”

“Meet a Jew” sends pairs of Jewish volunteers to speak to classrooms, sports teams, interns at the foreign ministry, and various other groups at various venues, with the goal of increasing acceptance of Jews in German society. Though German schools do teach extensively about the Holocaust, many Jews today say they still feel like second class citizens, while noting that this kind of remembrance, focused solely on the past, does little to address their current concerns.

Proponents of the program likely had good intentions, and it is a nice gesture, but calling the undertaking “Meet a Jew” seems, to use a term progressives favor, problematic.

You know there would be an outcry if, for instance, the United States initiated a “Meet a Negro” or “Meet a Lesbian” program. “Meet a Trans,” “Meet a LatinX,” or “Meet an Agnostic” wouldn’t likely be looked on favorably, either. Most would consider these terms demeaning to the targeted groups.

“Meet an Unvaccinated Person?” That would be worse yet. Not because anyone would care about the stigma directed at the as-yet un-jabbed, but because the unvaccinated are the new Jews. In the fevered minds of many in our Ruling Class, they deserve to be thrown into newly constructed concentration camps or be shipped off to a distant gulag.

It is easy-- and convenient-- for those in power to identify some other group and blame them for whatever is ailing society at the moment. And it is absolutely necessary for those in power to do so when the problem actually lies with…those in power.

Same as it ever was.

As always, how we the people react to tyranny is the key. The choice is ours. We can meekly, shamefully, and robotically raise our right hands and shout “Heil Hitler.”

Or we can proudly proclaim “Let’s Go Brandon!”   





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