Saturday, November 20, 2021

A Critique Of Critical Race Theory


Does Crappy Critical Race Theory hold that as long as there is still one white person left in the country it is systemically, structurally racist? Are CRTers saying the only way to eliminate racism is to eliminate the white race? Because that's what it appears they are implying. And that seems as racist—systemically and structurally racist—as it is possible to be. In fact, it would effectively be genocide.

Also, why then do literally millions of people of color (POC) from around the world want to come here? Why do they go to so much trouble and effort to come to this nation? Do they hate themselves? Are they all masochists who wish to be systemically oppressed? Are they all stupid? Perhaps they are all white supremacists, too, à la Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Winsome Sears, et. al.?

It seems odd to me that CRT states that skin color must be the primary way to identify and categorize people. Especially so when it obviously, simultaneously holds that the color of one’s skin does not determine one’s color, but that what one believes and the policies one may espouse does. So that, to be considered Black, one must believe a certain set of things, particularly in the need for Critical Race Theory. Stray far from the ideological plantation and you are not authentically Black. Or, as President Biden put it, “You ain’t Black.” But he believes in CRT, so he is Black, and we all know Blacks say “ain’t” rather than “are not,” right?

CRT proponents think the color of one’s skin should determine what one thinks. It should be your destiny, nothing any individual can do about it. How repulsive and scary is that? Put another way, they bastardize Martin Luther King’s assertion, instead proclaiming: “the content of one’s character/brain determines the color of one’s skin.” The latter two observations are inextricably linked. No matter which way one looks at it, color and belief must be in lockstep. It’s Black and white.

Which means the individual is marginalized and free will is exterminated.

Similar to slavery.

Progressive? You decide. Use your free will. While you still have it.

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