Wednesday, November 24, 2021

COVID-19 Updates


COVID-19-20-21-22 Updates

*November 17, 2021: The United Kingdom has a very high vaccination rate against COVID-19. Yet, reports indicate that it currently has more coronavirus cases than it did even during last January’s peak when virtually no one was vaccinated.


Maine sports the highest vaccinated population in the United States. It currently has more cases—and as many hospitalized-- as last winter’s peak when very few were vaccinated.


Gibraltar is the most fully vaccinated place on Earth, with literally 100% of the adult population fully vaccinated and 40% having taken the booster shots, as well. And confirmed cases of COVID-19 are currently skyrocketing.


The National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators are also 100% fully vaccinated. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Unfortunately, (at least) several of their upcoming games have had to be postponed because 40% of this 100% vaccinated squad recently tested positive for the coronavirus.


*March 15, 2022: Dr. Fauci blames the latest wave of coronavirus on the three remaining unvaccinated people left in America. The Biden administration subsequently encourages the other 330+ million Americans to “track down Ted & Alice Johnson of Oklahoma City and ‘Jazz,’ a non-binary accountant from Cleveland,” and “deal with them as necessary.” Dr. Fauci added that, “because of Ted, Alice, and Jazz,"  47 of the 50 states are now experiencing their highest number of COVID-19 cases of the entire pandemic, even though everyone else is vaccinated and the vast majority of Americans have recently “done their duty” and received their third booster shot.

*March 17, 2022: Reports indicate that Ted, Alice, and Jazz have been “dealt with as necessary,” and that 100% of Americans are now vaccinated.

*November 11, 2022: An even worse wave of mutant coronavirus sweeps the United States and much of the developed world. Dr. Fauci releases an urgent statement saying: “This is still a pandemic of the unvaccinated, in that it now appears that the virus is spread much more rapidly by and from people who were reluctant to get the vaccine and who may still hold less than 100% positive thoughts about the vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies that make them, the Biden administration, and, of course, myself. Moreover, it is also a pandemic of the under-vaccinated. To address this, I am now mandating, er, recommending, that everyone get a fourth booster shot as soon as possible, within 15 days at the most. This should finally fatten, I mean flatten, the curve…to coin a phrase. Don’t get antsy or angry folks. You are almost to where we need you to be.”

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