Tuesday, November 16, 2021



In the feeble, indoctrinated minds of America’s overeducated, discrimination is bad, and equity is good. But, if equity is good and discrimination bad, then the terms “bad” and “good” should themselves be dispensed with, as they are moot and nonsensical.  

If all of us-- regardless of choices, effort, integrity, and skill set—should be required to experience the same outcomes and be mandated to receive the same compensation no matter our job, contribution, or commitment, society will collapse. Quickly. Period. This is neither conjecture nor hyperbole. History shows this to be an inalterable fact. Human nature allows for no other outcome.

If, no matter what I do, no matter the risks taken, miles traveled, or hours worked, I can earn no more than someone who doesn’t work at all, or who puts in minimal effort for the minimal time required, I am going to quickly decide to quit work or put in the minimal time required myself. Time is everything and it cannot be recovered. If my extra labors don’t help my family, then I should spend more time with them. If I can’t make enough through work ethic and overtime to buy a new fishing boat, I should just spend more time fishing.

As the history of the world and its economic systems have clearly shown, the only place where incomes can be mandated to be roughly equal is perilously close to zero. Poverty.

Furthermore, what is the attraction to “equity?” Should everything really be equal and/or the same? If so, why do you change the television channel? What do you have against the show you just shamed by leaving it? Shouldn’t all shows get the same viewership and Nielsen rating? Even if forcibly so? Wouldn’t that be fair and inclusive? And shouldn’t all sports teams have the same record at the end of the season, the same .500 record?  Wouldn’t that be interesting, exciting, fun, and rewarding?

What do you look for in an automobile? Prefer an SUV with four-wheel-drive? Great sound system? Air bags and excellent crash ratings? Good gas mileage? Black with a grey interior? What about all the vehicles that don’t have any of those features? Are they simply to become the victims of your systemic discrimination and penchant for inequity? I hope you can sleep with yourself.

And, speaking of sleeping with someone, do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Women with big…smiles? Men with big…brains? Do you prefer one sex over the other? If so, you are nothing but a bigot and part of the problem!

Do you believe in such reactionary, binary distinctions as between truth and fiction, good and evil? The devil and the Lord? Are you pro-discrimination and anti-equity? You are? Then, to many on the left, you are a bad person and should be “cancelled.”

But, wait a minute. If that is the case, in the interest of “equity,” shouldn’t they then be cancelled, too?

One thing is for sure: in the absence of competition, discrimination, and the acknowledgment of good and evil, we will all be equally screwed.





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