Saturday, November 6, 2021

Right-Handed "Privilege?"


The University of North Carolina recently hired a progressive activist to give a lecture as part of a mandatory Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life program. Christina Parle, of the group Social Responsibility Speaks, gave a presentation titled “political opinions on intersectional identity, systematic oppression through implicit biases, and identity-based privilege.” Surprise, surprise, Parle portrayed her opinions as fact, at least according to the Carolina Review. Parle reportedly believes that she “has a social responsibility to educate others and create space for dialogue related to foundational [equity, inclusion and diversity] concepts.” So she quickly proceeded to talk about “privileged identities.”

Parle queried: “How many of you, when you go to the grocery store, need somebody to help you with the top shelf?” She says that, because the evil supermarkets use the law of averages to build displays and shelving for the “average height person” they are guilty of employing a “system of oppression” in the eyes of shorter people…and amazing social justice warriors like herself.

Parle went on to discuss the truly pernicious existence of “right-handed privilege,” asserting that is has “made left-handed people invisible by setting the standard.” She supported her accusation by employing slides that enumerated the advantages of being aligned with systems of power and detailed the privileges of right-handedness. Parle emphasized how the latter system “supports, empowers, and advantages the right folks,” even as it “disempowers, or sometimes harms, the left folks.”

Oh, I get it. Right is wrong. Left is right…and unfairly disempowered.

One student noted that Parle was “very aggressive and accusatory” in her presentation, which some thought odd given that her work deals with conflict resolution and “creating a space where people at different levels of knowledge on [equity and diversity] can learn individually and together.”


              But this is not surprising. Progressives/Leftists demand absolute fealty to their ideas, no matter that they have been debunked and disproven countless times over the Millenia. Dissent will not be tolerated.

              Right-handed privilege is an obvious thing, low-hanging fruit as it were. But what about the privilege unduly afforded big-breasted women? Or that unfairly granted to those who possess an “insie” rather than an “outie” bellybutton? This kind of systemic oppression is, sadly, endemic to our culture. Structural. Systemic. And what of circumcised vs. uncircumcised? Or Libra vs. Capricorn?  

              Truth be told, today the real privilege is being progressive and never having to say you’re wrong, sorry, or……crazy.



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