Tuesday, November 16, 2021

War Memorial Defaced With Pro-Vaccine Graffiti


A war memorial in Cranbrook, British Columbia was recently defaced-- just before the town honored its veterans with its Remembrance Day celebration on November 11th, in fact. Someone spray-painted a pro-vaccine message on the memorial in large green lettering.  


The graffiti read, "The real heroes are the vaccinated.”


That is doubly perverse. The real heroes are the veterans who have, until recently, kept us free from tyrannical totalitarians like the douchebag who graffitied the war memorial. And all of us not in the ruling class have been made victims by the power-mad elites who have stolen our God-given freedoms from us so that we can no longer effectively interfere with their desire for permanent reign and obeisance.


I only hope that those who have been vaccinated…and vaccinated again…and again…and who will now apparently need “booster” shots for eternity…will not see their long-term health taken from them along with their freedoms.

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