Monday, November 8, 2021

The Elites Go To Glasgow For COP26


The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, a.k.a. “COP26” or the Glasgow Conference, is the 26th one of its kind. This one is being held in Glasgow, Scotland, between Halloween and November 12th, with the host United Kingdom and Italy sharing the soiree’s presidency. It is also the third meeting of the parties to the Paris Agreement.

The gathering, of course, caused the rich and famous-- and tragically hypocritical—to descend on the island of Great Britain to allegedly attempt to save the world and to be seen allegedly attempting to do so.

Some of the powerful have spoken. Some have clinked glasses. At least one fell asleep. Greta Thunberg was indignant and angry. (And the sun rises in the east. She is the worst thing to come out of Sweden since lutefisk.) 

They arrived at the climate summit on more than 400 private jets, President Biden in an 85-car caravan. This is like traveling to an anti-gun rights rally sporting an Uzi and a couple of Glocks. Or going to an A.A. meeting with a double martini…while riding in a beer truck. Or heading to an abstinence summit with a carload of hookers. But hypocrisy is a key feature of “progressivism.”


But these are the beautiful people, the experts, the rulers, the elite, the benighted, so cut them some slack. They are a tiny handful of people compared to all the rest of us, so how much harm can they do if they live in multiple mansions with Olympic size heated pools and vast, amply watered gardens? Sure, their other car is a limo, too, and they have their own fleet of private jets, but these are necessary to help convince all the rest of us to use the subway and take no more than two showers a week, thereby saving far more energy than if they just did the same. See?


Next they may be winging their way to a forum on “world peace,” a summit on hunger in Africa, or a pro-choice rally. After a brief 3-day stop at an exclusive resort in Aruba, of course, to recharge their batteries, where they may even leave a respectable tip for the wait staff and other attendants. Is there no end to their sacrifice and largess?


Most of us have never even bothered to attend a “climate summit.” I guess we are not worthy.


 Maybe we can make up for it by banishing meat from our diets and pledging to take only one shower a week.


I feel better already.


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