Monday, November 29, 2021

Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz #10


Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz #10

(Can you get a perfect score?)


1)     President Biden recently tapped into his nation’s:

a)       National peanut oil reserve

b)      National reserve of morons

c)       National strawberry preserve reserve

d)      National oil reserve

e)      National chutzpah and hypocrisy reserve

2)     President Biden recently had what removed from his colon:

a)       His head

b)      Joy Behar’s head

c)       A gerbil

d)      Corn Pop’s foot

e)      A benign polyp

3)     Mainstream media outlets recently described a deliberate vehicular attack by a deranged Black man on a Christmas parade In Waukesha, Wisconsin-- a terrorist assault that killed 8 white people including young kids and a grandmother-- as:

a)       A deadly “parade crash”

b)      An “accident”

c)       “A good start”

d)      “Something happened to some people by somebody”

e)      Both a & b

4)     The Fairfax Virginia Public School Board Reinstated Pornographic Library Books Depicting Young Boys Having Oral Sex with Adult Men By Characterizing The Books as:

a)       “Hotter than hell”

b)      “Diverse reading materials that reflect our student population”

c)       “Damn good reading”

d)          “Valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters that reflect their personal journeys”

e)      Both b & d

5)    The Catholic University Of America Recently Posted Paintings Of _______ As Jesus In Its Campus Ministry Office?

a)     Nancy Pelosi

b)    George Floyd

c)     Greta Thunberg

d)    LeBron James

e)     Al Sharpton

6)    Kyle Rittenhouse is being characterized by the media and Democratic politicians as being a white supremacist because:

a)     He professes to support BLM

b)    He shot two white people and no Black ones

c)     They can

d)    He is white

e)     Both c & d

7)    Canada recently announced that it had released roughly half of its strategic reserve  of_________ due to a worldwide shortage:

a)     Maple syrup

b)    Canadian bacon

c)     Hockey pucks

d)    Labatt Blue

e)     Obsequiousness

8)    The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will feature new events including:

a)     “Freeski big air”

b)    “Women’s monobob”

c)     “Organ harvesting”

d)    Both a & b

e)     “Xi Jinping-pong”

9)    Dr. Fauci recently said:

a)     “We’re all going to die!”

b)    “I represent science”

c)     “I am Jesus”

d)    “I am George Floyd”

e)     “I am a batshit crazy tyrant wannabe!”

10)   Vice-President Kamala Harris recently:

a)     Made a thoughtful and lengthy visit to her country’s border with Mexico

b)    Made a thoughtful and lengthy visit to China

c)     Spoke faux French to French scientists while visiting a COVID-19 lab in France

d)    Cackled like The Joker when asked if she thought President Biden was racist and/or suffering from cognitive decline

e)     Cackled like The Joker when asked if she would make a thoughtful and lengthy visit to her country’s border with Mexico

[Correct answers: 1) d, 2) e, 3) e, 4) e, 5) b, 6) e, 7) a, 8) d, 9) b, 10) c]








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