Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Humans A "Mistake" More Young People Say


Americans are having fewer babies than ever before, or at least since records were kept starting in the 1930s. Last year, the number of deaths exceeded that of births in 25 states — up from just five the year before. The marriage rate is at an all-time low, 6.5 marriages per 1,000 people. Millennials are the first generation in which a majority are unmarried. They are also, ironically, more likely to live with their parents as adults, than any previous generation, according to the nonpartisan Pew Research Center. Many of America’s large, progressive, secular metropolises are increasingly childless. In San Francisco, there are more dogs than children. (And more piles of poop on the streets, both human and canine.)

“Child-freedom” even comes replete with its own lingo. For example, “THINKER” is an acronym standing for “Two Healthy Incomes No Kids Early Retirement.” “Bingo-ing” refers to the questions the child-free get asked by the child-full, such as “What if your kid cures cancer? What if you regret it? Who will take care of you when you’re older?”

What has led to this sad state of affairs, the lack of desire to reproduce?

According to a recently released poll, nearly 4 in 10 members of “Generation Z” are hesitant to procreate due to fear of a looming climate apocalypse. That is just absurd. And new research by the Institute of Family Studies found that adults’ desire to have a child has decreased by 17% just since the onset of the pandemic, roughly a year and a half ago.

You can probably guess some of the other reasons for the barrenness of those of child-bearing age. The New York Post recently ran a piece by Suzi Weiss (republished with permission from Common Sense with Bari Weiss) in which she addressed the issue.

The piece referenced a woman named Rachel who “always assumed she’d have a family of her own.” Until she went to college at Arcadia University, that is, where she experienced “her political awakening, away from her conservative roots, and towards progressivism.” And met a therapist (online) shortly after graduation who “made her realize that being spanked as a child was deeply traumatic, and that it made her fear authority figures like her father.” She subsequently decided that she never wanted to be a parent herself.

Many of the potential “birthing people,” though all birthed themselves, believe the world is broken and about to spontaneously ignite. They wonder who would want to bring new, innocent life into a criminally unequal society located on a planet with catastrophically rising sea levels. Better to just forgo creating life—or to snuff that innocent life out in the womb, no?

“Isabel,” another woman referenced, stated: “I think it’s morally wrong to bring a child into the world.” Wow. So our higher education system has convinced our leaders of the future that it is better to see to human beings’ eventual extinction than to birth a child? That alone is worth the $20,000-$80,000 a year tuition fee, right? Life is morally wrong. Astounding. And tragic. We’ve come a long way from Genesis. And the Declaration of Independence. Down a path that ought not have been travelled.

But back to Isabel. She notes that, in light of Texas’s new law restricting abortion, she “can’t take the risk of getting pregnant and not being able to abort.” Therefore, she will soon have a surgeon make the incisions necessary to insert cameras into her to facilitate the removal of her fallopian tubes. (Maybe she’ll make the videos of the procedure available on “social” media.) The Post article noted that Isabel is planning a post-operative “sterilization celebration” at a local sushi joint. Nothing says “sterile” like raw seafood, apparently. (Yum! I’ll have the Spider Sushi Rolls.) Isabel also hopes to retire in her fifties, if not earlier, averring, “I don’t want to work my life away.” Great, she doesn’t want the responsibility of raising kids or the hassle of earning a living. She’s the perfect progressive! Winner, winner chicken sushi dinner!

But back to Rachel. She says that she had her tubes removed months ago. She says her live-in boyfriend, now 33, wanted to get a vasectomy in his mid-twenties but it didn’t work out, so she eventually got sterilized. Diamond stated: “We’d been trying for a long time.” To avoid having a baby? How hard is that? Just don’t do anything! When asked if they ever thought about not leaving a legacy behind via a descendant, Rachel replied: “The whole legacy thing makes me laugh. It’s like, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Do you want your kid to be a founding father? That would make them a colonizer.”

“A colonizer?” Sadly, that tells you everything you need to know about them.

Diamond is white, her boyfriend is Black, and they purport to be worried about what life would be like for a biracial baby in today’s America. That is preposterous on its face. The less white anyone or anything is the better in Joe Biden’s America.

Sophia, 19, from British Columbia is yet another young female featured. She no longer believes in God and has left the church in which she grew up, due to its “toxic culture.” She, too, will soon be rendered barren. She works part-time at a grocery store and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life other than travel and savor being blessed without child. Sophia admits that she could come down with a case of baby fever in her twenties but says “There’s no point regretting what you can’t change.”

Well, Sophia, you could have changed things then, you could have had options, if you didn’t have your reproductive organs rendered moot now. Perhaps you’ll regret then what you changed now.

According to some observers, more and more young people believe that humans are “the problem.” After all, we’ve cut down trees, built factories, polluted the oceans, sent greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and generally wreaked havoc on Mother Earth. In fact, they say, many in “Generation Z”—and even some Millennials—have come to regard human beings as a “mistake.”

Do they believe their family members and friends are a “mistake?” Do they believe they themselves are a “mistake?” I would ask if they believe God was mistaken in allegedly creating humans in His own image, but, as noted, they don’t tend to believe in God.

What other species are “mistakes?” Or is it only humans that are the error?

If I’m not mistaken, it is a tragedy that so many younger people believe such degrading, dangerous, soul-killing tripe.



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