Sunday, November 7, 2021

Portland City Employees To Receive Bereavement Leave After Elective Abortion


            Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) recently reported that employees of the city of Portland may henceforth take bereavement leave due to any type of pregnancy loss, including an abortion. OPB further reported that the updated policy was unanimously approved by the city council, and is allowed for any abortion, “irrespective of whether deemed medically necessary.”

I can understand time off to deal with the heartbreak of a miscarriage or a stillbirth, but an elective abortion? Really?

“Sorry I knocked you up, hon. But do you really wanna raise a kid now? I’d rather not be tied down, at least in that way.”

“Me neither, babe. Let’s just have an abortion and be done with it, okay?”


“And then I think we both deserve some bereavement leave, don’t you?”

“Yes! No wonder I like banging you, sweetie!”

It would be non-sensical to shave one’s head and then ask one’s employer for time off until one’s hair grows back. It would be non-sensical, disgusting and offensive to choose to abort one’s “fetus” and then demand bereavement leave.

“My body, my choice, my bereavement leave?”


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