Thursday, September 30, 2021

Professors Say Abortion Necessary So Trans "Men" Don't Feel Bad


The preposterously woke have reached new heights—actually lows—in their attempt to replace God as the arbiters of life and reality.

More than a dozen professors from two universities recently expressed deep concerns about the impact of abortion bans on “trans men and nonbinary people.” Several of these professors were quoted in Northwestern Now, the esteemed university's news site, arguing that abortion is necessary because without it a “trans man” who becomes pregnant will not be able to conceal that he is not actually a biological male. I’m not sure that these highly educated academics meant to admit that a “trans man” is not actually a man, but it is nonetheless delightful.

The article in Northwestern Now laments, “As his abdomen grows due to a pregnancy for which he can no longer legally get an abortion, however, keeping identity private in public spaces may become next to impossible.” Yes, it is truly heartbreaking when a man can’t get an abortion. What does it say about a country when a man can’t freely abort the child he carries within him?

Angela Chadhauri, one of the doctors quoted in the article, added sadly: “Even the idea of becoming pregnant often creates dysphoria, so forcing a patient to carry a pregnancy against their will may lead to significant mental health needs in this population.”

If “even the idea of becoming pregnant often creates dysphoria” for a person, there is an easy answer: don’t engage in behavior that can get you pregnant. No one is forcing you to get pregnant against your will. Rather, it is a complete lack of self-control, preparation and accountability on your part that makes this a possibility. Which is all the more pronounced if you are a woman who wishes to be seen as a man.

We are the first society in the history of the universe to believe we can choose our own gender-- and that men can become pregnant. How is it possible for a society to arrive at a point where it can countenance language (and thought) like, “So, when a man’s vagina is penetrated by a woman’s penis, and his uterus harbors one of his now fertilized eggs, he becomes pregnant with his wife’s child?”

This isn’t an example of transgenderism, it’s evidence of trans-reality.

It is not tolerance, but insanity.

It is the opposite of enlightenment and will soon lead to very dark times, indeed.

No matter our hubris, we cannot abort God’s will.



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