Sunday, September 19, 2021

Pearl Harbor Attack Caused By "Global Whiteness" Says College Course


A University of North Carolina course titled “Global Whiteness” blames the West in general and the United States in particular for Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent Pacific Theater battles of World War II.

Campus Reform obtained the syllabus for the course which characterizes the Pacific Theater fight as “the first global attack on white Anglo-American hegemony” and “Japan’s attempt to roll back Euro-American colonialism.” The course’s required text is Theodore Allen’s “The Invention of the White Race, vol. 2: The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America.” Professor Mark Driscoll’s class also includes student presentations on topics like Donald Trump’s racism and “interracial hookups on campus.”

This is yet one more illustration of the insanity and rigid ideological control rampant on college campuses across America. Maniacal Marxist “mentors” incessantly attack the very country which lets them achieve wealth and tenure for spewing their toxic idiocy at often tragically receptive young people. The less logical and more insane the idea or claim, the better. “White supremacy causes climate change. And climate change spawned the Taliban/Al Qaeda/ISIS,” etc. On campuses across the U.S., professors now routinely teach that “White privilege” leads to horrible things like competence, discipline, self-control, literacy, meritocracy, politeness, and work ethic. By which they mean to excuse the opposite. Yet, by attempting to legitimize incompetence, sloth, illiteracy and rude behavior in this way, they also assign them to minorities. Can anything be more racist than that? That they usually get away with it illustrates their very real “progressive privilege.”

College professors would have us believe that “global whiteness” caused 9/11, the Killing Fields, the extinction of the dinosaurs, COVID-19, Dutch Elm Disease, and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

In truth, what Japan tried and failed to do in the 1940s, America’s own “institutions of higher learning” may bring about in the very near future.

America’s death will not be by homicide but by hari-kari suicide.






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