Monday, September 13, 2021

"Reproductive Freedom Congregations" Attack New Texas Law Protecting The Unborn


A growing number of pro-abortion churches in Texas are lining up to fight a new state law that prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which typically occurs at around six weeks' gestation. The churches are known as "Reproductive Freedom Congregations" and are united in their zealous support for what they believe is a woman's “right” to abort her unborn baby.

A group called "Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice" led the drive to protect what they feel is a woman’s God-given right to snuff out the life of the child in her womb. To that end, the group hopes to aid in training pastors how to preach on reproductive health issues from the pulpit. (No longer any need for seminary school, I guess.) During a recent press conference, JT:FVRJ said 25 Texas parishes had already agreed to become Reproductive Freedom Congregations and another 70 were going through the process. 

 Just Texas’ website notes that, to become a Reproductive Freedom Congregation, a church must publicly affirm the following principles:

  • We trust and respect women.
  • We promise that people who attend our congregation will be free from stigma, shame, or judgment for their reproductive decisions, including abortion.
  • We believe access to comprehensive and affordable reproductive health services is a moral and social good.

Just Texas also encourages member churches to participate in marches and protests regarding reproductive freedom issues.

Rev. Dr. Daniel Mengele Sanger Kanter of the First Unitarian Church in Dallas stated: "The church is an ideal place to love people into wholeness and what our church has been about for a long time and inviting people to speak their truths and not be silenced about reproductive issues." Huh? Well, you’re not loving babies into wholeness, but leading them unto dismemberment. And “their truths?” What about the truth, that God is truth? Are the RFCs also going to lobby for polyamory, legalized drug use, and lowering the age of consent? What if “their truth” is that pedophilia is cool?

Reverend Dr. Colin Bossen, senior minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston (FUUCH), said in a recent interview with KRIV-TV: "We live in a country where a third of women have had an abortion, which means that on a Sunday morning when I'm preaching to my congregation, I can assume that a third of the women there have had an abortion.” Not necessarily, Rev. Sherlock. But a third of the women in your congregation may have cheated on their husbands—or their taxes—but that doesn’t mean church doctrine should be made to support those behaviors.

Rev. Bossen claimed that Texas's new abortion ban is "straight out of" the "fascist playbook." No, just the opposite. The Nazis actually demanded and forced abortion upon women deemed unAryan.

              Rev. Erika Forbes, the faith and outreach manager for Just Texas, proudly states that the organization’s mission extends far beyond just reproductive health care, noting that its end goal is a drastic shift in how the American church views an array of social issues. Ah, there it is! Something approaching truth. The continuing fundamental transformation of America and the religious values that birthed, nurtured and supported her.

Rev. Forbes added: "I am on a quest, we are on a quest, to take God back from the hostage situation that the conservatives have hijacked, and I absolutely feel that the God that I believe in, the God that I serve, called by many names, and no name at all, trusts and respects women.” Huh? Conservatives have hijacked a hostage situation? Regarding God? And you wish to take God back? Can you do that? Does that mean He will no longer be with those damned conservatives?

The “God” that Rev. Forbes and the Reproductive Freedom Congregations “serve” is Secular Hedonism. I guarantee you these same churches are “pro” coercing/forcing people to get vaccinated. Screw “our bodies, our choice” in that regard. Do they not trust all girls and women to make that decision? I’m betting they do trust them to decide whether or not they are female.

 It appears these congregations have more in common with the Satanic Temple than with God’s word. The Satanic Temple says it will sue to stop the Texas abortion ban on the basis that it violates the right to freedom of religion. The Satanic Temple, as per usual, agrees with Democrats. And now with the preposterously named “Reproductive Freedom Congregations.”

“Pro-abortion churches” fervently attempt to recast morality, rewrite the Bible, and vilely smear, libel and slander those who espouse traditional Christian religious values.

In so doing, they only worship themselves and their appetites. They are not tolerant or progressive.

They are apostates. And frauds.





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