Sunday, September 26, 2021

California To Add Pot Judging Competition To 2022 State Fair


California has big plans for its 2022 state fair. Assuming the Endless Pandemic is under control (along with its citizens), the formerly Golden State plans to add a new event to the festive extravaganza. In addition to the many livestock and food judging competitions, and the requisite anticipation of seeing who grew the year’s largest pumpkin, there will be an award given out for the best homegrown marijuana. That’s right, there will be a top pot spot. Dude!

It is as yet unclear how—and in what form(s)—the reefer will be judged. Will it be judged in raw bud form, the bigger and greener the buds the better? Or will attendees get to try out each of the contestants’ weed and vote for their favorites? If so, expect concession stands and food vendors to experience record sales. In fact, I bet they have been pushing for this new cannabis competition for some time now.

              Will there be a prize for “best blunt,” an award for “supreme spliff?” Will there be a demonstration of attendant paraphernalia? Perhaps a “Bong Show?” That would be so rad!

              Like, dude, everybody is like so super stoked already! If, like, a coronavirus variant leads to the fair being cancelled again, it’s really going to harsh my mellow!

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