Friday, September 3, 2021

Untruths And Consequences


To any sane person, it appears our elites and their media sycophants are engaging in an unprecedented preposterous statement tournament. They must get up every day, snicker once or twice, and try to think of the most ridiculous, least verifiable piece of preposterous prevarication they can attempt to pass off as truth. And why shouldn’t they, a significant percentage of Americans seem willing to believe anything at all.

So President Biden says there are no Americans trapped in Kabul. Alright, now tell us the one about the three bears. His Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, says we need to get the military out of Afghanistan first, so we don’t risk anyone getting hurt. Yes, forget about the thousands of American civilians trapped in Kabul. Ignore the pictures of mothers throwing their babies over fences. Um, Jen, we send our troops to places specifically to confront danger and instability…and often to fight the bad guys. That’s why, unlike civilians, they are armed to the teeth and wear body armor. That’s why they have attack helicopters, A-10 Warthogs, missiles, rocket launchers, grenades, and submachine guns. Or used to, before the Biden administration decided to donate them to the Taliban. But we are told we can trust the Taliban, that its members are turning over a new leaf. (Perhaps moving from the 14th Century to the 15th Century?)

We are told the vaccines work wonderfully and are totally safe. And then told we need to start wearing masks again. And that hospitals are filling up again. And that we need a “booster” shot. We are virtually assured the coronavirus didn’t come from a laboratory in Wuhan. Until we were told that it might very well have come from a laboratory in Wuhan. But, Biden says, the Chinese are Hunter’s our friends., and that Iran, too, poses no serious threat.

Then the Los Angeles Times trots out a headline averring: “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned.” Gee, Times, thanks for the tip. Does it make sense, though, that a Black man is the spokesperson for white supremacy? Apparently, this is not your grandfather’s white supremacy movement. (Were there many Black Imperial Wizards in the Ku Klux Klan?) I mean, did the rank and file not notice their precious white supremacy organization was filling up with Black folks? If they did and didn’t care, and if they like Larry Elder, they really aren’t particularly racist, are they? Have they just not been paying attention, or have they gone soft? Or maybe there isn’t that big of a problem here and everyone can just settle down and go home.    

What can be said with certainty is that “The Los Angeles Times is the type face of media idiocy.”

It has been said over the decades that Americans have lost their innocence, that we are terribly jaded and cynical. The past few years have proved that this, too, is incorrect. A disheartening number of Americans have bought the lies of the government and media that despises them:

 *”Trump colluded with Russia!”

*“The 2020 election was the fairest of them all”

*”Kamala Harris will be a great Vice-President.”

*”Hunter is the smartest guy I know.”     

*”It’s all Trump’s fault.”

 The United States was founded on a healthy-- and historically deeply warranted-- distrust of government. Today, the only thing many Americans are skeptical about is the truth.

Past this point, no free republic, indeed no viable society, can long continue.

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