Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Haitian Migrants Hijack Buses


Multiple reports say that Haitian migrants, ostensibly in federal custody, have "hijacked" several  buses while being transported and forced out their drivers. The incidents, they say, have occurred while migrants have been taken from the camp beneath the Del Rio-Ciudad Acuna International Bridge to processing centers across the region, as well as from the processing centers to local airports for deportation flights, and could cause the U.S. government's immigration enforcement operations to be halted.

A senior federal law enforcement official recently told the Washington Examiner: "They’ve been basically overpowering the drivers and they’ve actually hijacked a couple of the buses and driven them down the road a little ways and escaped. This happened multiple times.”

The same official added: "They’re moving the detainees, but they’re not shackled — they’re not restrained in any way. Yesterday some detainees kicked a window out and 22 escaped.”

How the hell can migrants who are supposedly in custody hijack buses and essentially take the bus drivers into custody? How feckless, naïve and weak have we become? Is there anything the Biden administration can do competently and with determination? Other than thumbing its collective nose at the Constitution, browbeating American citizens into accepting an unvetted foreign substance into their bodies, and generally taking away the freedoms the Founders bequeathed them?

For the love of God, the Biden administration has accepted—proactively manufactured to be more precise—defeat in Afghanistan. To the Taliban, semi-nomadic goat-herders from the ninth century! It has allowed China to get away with murder. Mass murder, actually. And it is letting China figuratively walk all over us, while appearing to wish to emulate the Chinese Communist Party’s push to completely usurp and obliterate any and all of its citizens’ remaining freedoms.

How bad is it? The United States Army Garrison Japan recently announced that it probably couldn’t even repel a potential incursion by monkeys.

The Biden administration has also ceded our southern border to anyone who cares to stroll in from Mexico, and/or who has walked to it from Central America, regardless of criminal history, and without being tested for coronavirus. Completely unvetted, much like the coronavirus vaccines. Sex traffickers, drug runners, terrorists? Come on in! (Just be aware: once you are an American citizen, you will have to get vaccinated and use everyone else’s correct pronouns. Or else.)

And now it can’t even prevent migrants from hijacking the buses used to transport them.

What’s next? Will we be suddenly and dastardly attacked by Albania…causing the Biden administration to surrender? Will the Amish demand reparations and that a ten-state Amish “autonomous” region be officially recognized? Will the Girl Scouts of America threaten to take over the Capitol unless every American commits to buying a minimum of 10 boxes of their cookies every year in perpetuity?


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