Monday, September 27, 2021

The Tyranny Of Safety


I get sick and damn tired of hearing progressives and Millennials say they “don’t feel safe” if a pro-life group is on campus or a conservative is slated to speak. I nearly vomit when I hear them say they are “otherized” or “marginalized” if, say, a straight white Christian male doesn’t proactively volunteer to personally make a three-tiered wedding cake for a pan-gendered polyamorous throuple’s wedding. When college students feel the need to run for their “safe spaces” if a Trump supporter is nearby, I feel the need to mourn the loss of intellectual rigor, dignity, self-respect, independence, and liberty. When leftists claim to be the victims of “violence” because of what someone says (or doesn’t say), they commit violence against the language, they assault reason…and they cheapen the idea of actual violence while they diminish its victims.  

In this way the burning and looting of many of America’s large cities last summer and the assault on police and innocent bystanders was characterized as “mostly peaceful” while the January 6th protest was portrayed as a “violent insurrection.” Abortion is “women’s health care,” anyone who deeply disagrees with that is guilty of an “assault” on women’s bodies, an “attack” on their freedom and autonomy.

But do you know where people really “don’t feel safe?” And with good reason? In virtually every one of the cities run by Democrats since time immemorial. Because tens of thousands of them are murdered every year, mostly due to Black-on-Black crime. Almost none of them at the hands of police officers. Countless numbers that would otherwise have lost their lives have not due to the presence and efforts of police.

But nothing makes sense anymore. (People are now asked—in fact forced—to believe what no other people have ever believed before. There are an infinite number of genders. It is impossible to know a baby’s sex at birth, etc.) Many feminists/progressives/leftists in the U.S. believe that “toxic masculinity” is a pox on American society. A man holding open a door for a woman is “offensive,” the same calling her “sweetheart” is somehow demeaning. Yet other cultures—all other cultures—get a pass. Female genital mutilation? Just part of their cultural heritage. Young girls as sex slaves? Que sera, sera. Women can’t leave home without a male relative escorting them, are deemed unfit for government service, etc.? Who are we to judge? Walk a mile in their shoes. Tolerance and inclusiveness!

Progressives have it backwards. It is indisputably and demonstrably the case that conservatives are the victims of systemic bias and bigotry. Conservatives are routinely mocked, excluded, otherized and marginalized. From campuses. From social media. From corporate boardrooms. And now many are even being prevented from having a job or flying on a plane.  

Care to know what I’m afraid of? I am afraid of what this administration is doing to America…and what it is willing to do to anyone or anything that may stand in its way. I “don’t feel safe” with leftist wackos running things. I don’t feel safe with The Left’s attempt to repeal natural law, cancel the Constitution, and banish the Bill of Rights.

I don’t feel safe when heads of government ignore democratic processes and decree mask and vaccine mandates. If a government can force you to cover up your breathing apparatus and allow an unvetted foreign substance into your body, it can imprison you if you disobey. There is nothing it can’t do. It owns you.

Democrats liked to portray Ronald Reagan as a warmonger. Called him Ronald Ray-gun. Yet his principled stand against communism won the Cold War. Through strength he was able to negotiate actual nuclear arms reduction treaties no one else could have achieved. Reagan famously (infamously to liberals) quipped during a pause in a radio show, “the bombing starts in 10 minutes.” He was teasing but the Soviet Union, largely due to his portrayal in the American media, thought he might be capable of anything. The media portrayed Donald Trump the same way. He, too, was crazy, don’t you know.

Reagan and Trump did what they did for the benefit of America and to protect the American people. That was their one and only sworn duty, after all. They succeeded.

With Reagan and Trump out of their way, I am afraid Biden and The Left will now “succeed” in destroying what the Founders bequeathed us and Reagan and Trump protected.

Today’s “liberals” were afraid of Trump’s tweets. I am afraid of China. Of becoming China, that is. I am not afraid of anyone’s free speech or natural rights. I am afraid of tyranny. How about you?

What are we going to do about it?



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