Thursday, September 23, 2021

Democratic Party Gravest Threat To The Republic


There was a time when the two-party system functioned for America, a time when the Democratic Party was patriotic and offered a viable alternative to the GOP. A time when we could agree to disagree about the relative size of government, and various marginal policy issues. The Democratic Party once featured the likes of Harry Truman, Adlai Stevenson, and JFK.

That time is long gone. As are any principles and scruples the party may have had. It now vehemently disagrees with virtually all the founding principles of the nation. No longer does it purport to believe in limited government, of, by, and for the people. It believes in unlimited government, of, by, and for those in government. It does everything it can to undermine the rule of law, and equality under law. Democrats are summarily assaulting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are attacking each of the Ten Amendments, including the right to free speech, and the right to protect oneself. And now, even the right to control over one’s own body. (And, in a related note, they have previously and largely successfully disparaged the Ten Commandments and banished them from the public square.)

Democrats for the most part no longer hide their desire to control others lives. President Biden recently stated that he has authorized the deployment of “Surge Response Teams” made up of “experts,” in part from the Defense Department, to combat the coronavirus and bully the unvaccinated. But maybe we shouldn’t be too concerned based on the Defense Department’s recent performance in Afghanistan.

Democrats love taxing the hell out of those with gainful employment. They love spending other people’s money, often on schemes to help them attain or retain power. They have the temerity to label a tax cut a “risky spending scheme.” They currently plan to raise taxes across the board, and promise a corporate tax rate higher than communist China’s.

Democrats routinely traffic in obfuscation, projection, deceptions and lies. The vast majority of elected Democrats are for baby genocide, obstruction of justice, and a return to a race-based society, and against election integrity and the concept of God-given rights.

To say this has been devastating to the nation they supposedly serve is an understatement of Biblical proportions. Look at what’s happened in just the past 8 months. The United States went from energy independence to being once again dependent on potentially hostile nations for its economic lifeblood. It can’t or won’t control its own border. It has suffered a humiliating military defeat in Afghanistan…because it chose to do so. The U.S. is experiencing rapidly rising inflation combined with high unemployment, probably on its way to “stagflation” for only the second time. Violent criminals are being let out of prison by the thousands, while patriots and non-mask-wearers are being mocked, harassed, fined, and sent to jail. Leftists are sneeringly pitting Americans against each other, demanding…demanding!... that race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, class, party-- and relative affinity for masks and vaccines--define us.

We are losing our Judeo-Christian values, our country, and our humanity…because we are allowing them to be stripped away and stolen from us. We can’t hide that failure behind a mask.

The Biden administration and the Democratic Party have inflicted a feeling of impotence on the country. There is a growing sense of unease and hopelessness. A sickening sense that evil is supplanting innocence…and mocking it—and us—as…it ascends to power.

No foreign power, no war-- foreign or domestic—and no dictator has ever before held so much power over us, nor posed such an imminent threat. Stalin, Hitler, Tojo, Mao, Putin, Xi, Kim Jong un? Not even close.

It is inarguable that the Democratic Party, as constituted today, is the single biggest threat to the United States of America. It is an existential—and immediate—threat, a clear and present danger to the world’s most important representative republic. Period. There, I’ve said it. It’s the truth. 

Democrats do not care about the personal autonomy, prosperity, morality, liberty, or well-being of the majority of Americans. Individuals mean nothing to them. They favor certain groups they use to obtain the only thing that matters to them: power and control.

As Thomas Jefferson-- and the other Founders-- knew from the thorough studying of all forms of government that went before them, there can be only two types of societies. 1) When government fears the people, there is liberty. 2) When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

Upon leaving the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Benjamin Franklin was famously asked what kind of government he and his fellow Founders had given Americans. He replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

 We did Mr. Franklin, we did. For 233 years.

 Until Nov. 3, 2020, when we just let it slip away.

Or perhaps it was stolen from us. Along with our soul.

So mask up and prepare to be locked down—again-- comrades. Maybe forever.


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