Wednesday, September 8, 2021

And The Lies Just Keep On Coming


And the lies just keep on coming.

Lie: The Capitol Hill “police officer” who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt recently averred, “I saved countless lives.” By shooting an unarmed 5’2” female Air Force veteran upon her entering the Capitol Building with other unarmed citizens? Get real.

If a cop shoots a Black man—whether armed or unarmed-- who’s in the process of fleeing a crime scene, he or she will be vilified for life, summarily dismissed, demonized the world ‘round, and probably incarcerated, possibly for life. Yet, when a cop guns down a petite, unarmed woman who has faithfully served her country and whose biggest crime is that she is potentially trespassing in “the People’s House,” most Americans and the world at large issue a collective “meh.”   

Lie: certain news outlets recently carried a story about four players for the National Football League’s Buffalo Bills who were placed in quarantine after being in close contact with a team employee who had contracted COVID-19. Those four players all tested negative for Covid-19 after the contact but will need to go through a five-day re-entry process before they can return to team activities, including practice. 

One of those players was wide receiver Cole Beasley, who has not yet been vaccinated and has been demonized and labeled an “anti-vaxxer” even though he has publicly stated he is not anti-vaccine but pro-choice.

But none of this is the lie.

The article snarkily proclaimed: “In Beasley’s case, it didn’t exactly require a crystal ball to see Tuesday coming. The wide receiver has become the poster child for vaccine hesitancy in the NFL, speaking out frequently on the topic prior to the start of training camp. He had been particularly critical of the differing testing standards for vaccinated and unvaccinated players.” It also mockingly referenced Beasley’s tweets related to “freedom of choice” vis-à-vis the vaccine.

What the article “forgot” to point out is that Beasley neither has the coronavirus nor transmitted it to anyone else. And that the team employee who contracted the virus that caused the four players exposed to him (or her) to be quarantined had been fully vaccinated. This raises the age-old question “WTF?”

In Beasley’s case, it didn’t exactly require a crystal ball to see Tuesday coming?” Really? To predict that he would be forced to quarantine because he was, through no fault of his own, exposed to a fully vaccinated guy who had gotten COVID anyway? How is this Beasley’s fault or the fault of an unvaccinated person? Why not blame the vaccinated employee who carried the disease?

To attempt to place the blame in the one place where it demonstrably doesn’t belong to fit one’s own preconceived notions and personal biases is wrong. To do it in a smug and snarky manner while utterly misevaluating the facts is pathetic, embarrassing, and grossly deceptive. It is, in short, a lie.

Lie: "We are not going to do anything that's going to allow terrorists to grow or prosper in Afghanistan or any terrorist organization. That continues to be the president's commitment, and his order to his U.S. military over the past several days and the actions that CENTCOM have announced show that he's going to deliver on that promise." So said Press Secretary Psaki recently…with a straight face.

These lies follow hard on the heels of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” the multi-year Russian collusion lie, “two weeks to flatten the curve,” America is steeped in systemic racism, white supremacists are the biggest terror threat to the United States, the “mostly peaceful protests” ruse, “Larry Elder is the Black Face of white supremacy,” and the preposterous assertion that no Americans were stranded in Kabul/Afghanistan.  

And the aforementioned weren’t even the biggest or vilest whoppers progressives told us recently. Virtually every mainstream media article/post on the unprecedentedly bizarre nature of the 2020 U.S. presidential election and its attendant spectacularly shady after-hours vote tabulating and reporting boldly declares that any and all intimations of voter fraud are utterly “baseless.” Many even aver that these claims have been “proven false.” In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest lie perpetrated by the Democratic-Media Complex is its assertion that anyone questioning the 2020 election results is part of “The Big Lie.”

Unless it is its mentally ill edict that the January 6th Capitol “insurrection” was the worst attack on American soil since 9/11, Pearl Harbor, or the Civil War.   

And the beat deceit goes on…   



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