Saturday, July 10, 2021

California Prohibits State-Funded Travel To Five More States


The People’s Republic of California prohibited state-funded travel to five more Republican-led states recently because far left Golden State politicians purportedly believe those states have passed legislation that could be seen as discriminating against members of the LGBTQ community. (State agencies from the erstwhile Land of Milk and Honey are prohibited from authorizing state-funded travel to restricted areas under AB 1887, a bill passed in 2016, according to the Sacramento Bee.) Arkansas, Montana, West Virginia, and Florida were added to the existing list of 12 states to which state-sanctioned travel is verboten. Their crimes were similar, in that all four had the audacity to ban males from competing on girls’ sports teams. Arkansas went so far as to prohibit physicians from lopping breasts and penises off of young people and giving them drugs to “block” their puberty. (And Florida, of course, is led by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is to “progressives” as Kryptonite is to Super Man. DeSantis is such a monster, he is even now attempting to enhance and protect “viewpoint diversity” on his state’s college campuses! Diversity of kink is self-evidently worthy of protection, but diversity of thought? That’s crazy!)

North Dakota made the list due to its egregious passage of House Bill 1503 which seeks to codify “free speech protections for students and faculty at North Dakota’s public colleges and universities.” If freedom of speech is guaranteed, what’s next, freedom of assembly? Of religion? What some of these red states are doing is nothing less than frightening!

Sarcasm aside, what California is doing is frightening. When one state in the union effectively tries to prevent its people from traveling to other states in the union because those states have certain policies and statutes with which its political leaders disagree…well, so much for federalism and republicanism. And, at some point, possibly, the union.

To a sentient, unbiased being with at least an adequate knowledge of history, it is truly mind-boggling that so many almost perfectly ignorant people today believe they know better than the American Founders how to design a successful society, including all of its economic and political institutions…and its raison d’ệtre. The Founders assiduously studied all previous societies, economic systems and forms of government. They were intimately familiar with the world’s religions and had nearly all read the Bible. Most importantly, they were students of human behavior and connoisseurs of the truth.

California’s leaders, like progressives everywhere, seem only to know what can’t be so: men can be women and women can be men. Raising taxes will help the economy. (Tax increases which now fund $60,000 tents for the homeless.) Subsidizing sloth, indolence and drug use will help to alleviate sloth, indolence and drug use. Attacking Christianity will lead to more tolerance. Defunding the police will lead to less crime and more justice.

It is no wonder that people are fleeing California. In a recent survey, conducted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 40% of the residents of San Francisco who were polled said they planned to leave the city in the near future. 40%! Will someone soon pen a Declaration of Independence from California?

California can try to keep its citizens from visiting red states, but, ironically, it is forcing them to move to red states.




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