Friday, July 16, 2021

Is Vaccine Resistance Futile?


Don’t be surprised if some day soon there is a knock on your door, and you open it to find strange people standing there trying to get you to do something for them. And it isn’t Halloween. 

The Biden administration recently announced that government officials will shortly embark on a door-to-door push to convince the unvaccinated to recant and testify to the error of their ways. That’s right, feds may well be coming to your home to twist your arm to get you to accept receiving a jab in one. Will they be wearing red armbands for ease of identification?

“Ve haf vays of…how you say…’convincing’ you to do ze right thing, ya’? Verstehen sie? Understand?”

The campaign to intimidate Americans into getting vaccinated against the coronavirus/COVID-19/the Wuhan Flu is creepy and ham-handed at best-- and possibly unconstitutional. It is shades of the Third Reich and similarly mindful of East Germany. The Nazis forced Jews to be marked with the “Jewish Badge” in the lead-up to the Holocaust. “Progressive” politicians throughout the U.S. are considering “vaccination passports”-- and various ways to publicly mark people who have not consented to having an experimental foreign substance injected into their bodies. These same government heads encouraged everyone to rat out their friends, neighbors, family members, and countrymen countrypersons for not wearing facial masks and/or not observing proper social distancing mandates, so you can bet they will also encourage citizens to shun those who haven’t yet been vaccinated.

But why didn’t/doesn’t the government go door-to-door coercing Americans to get the regular flu vaccine, or to be vaccinated against mumps, measles, chickenpox, polio, or any other disease?

And what if the government did go door-to-door to persuade women to have an abortion or men to get a vasectomy? Leftists are nothing but frauds. They discard their “my body, my choice” mantra the moment it doesn’t comport with a part of their agenda, replacing it with the “government knows best” bromide.

The Biden administration is embarrassed that it failed to meet its stated vaccination goal by the Fourth of July. So it will send its minions across the fruited plain to strong-arm “vaccine deniers.”

Until very recently (the day Trump left office), liberals considered resistance to be patriotic. Now they consider it an affront to Uncle Sam, science, and Dr. Fauci. (I guess that’s redundant, Fauci thinks he is science.)

Let’s hope resistance isn’t futile.

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