Saturday, July 3, 2021

The Star-Mangled Banner


 The individual means nothing anymore. It's all about the state and sanctioned groups.

The Left should be displaying American flags àla the Soviet Union’s hammer and sickle or the Third Reich’s swastika on red banner. Conversely, conservatives should be loath to fly Old Glory now due to the vast systemic racism directed against them, manifested by the open bigotry shown to them and the trampling of their rights—or refusal to acknowledge they have any. Further, the disregard of natural law, disdain for due process and a jury of one’s peers, and the mocking of the concept of limited government of by and for the people should have soured conservatives on the nation that once embraced—indeed was founded on-- their beliefs and ethos. If these things did not thoroughly deter them from their inherent patriotism, the radically unequal application of law should have, under which if your last name happens to be, say, Clinton, Omar, or Biden you can get away with anything, but if it happens to be, say, Trump, Palin or Quayle, your every thought, utterance and action will be scrutinized, mocked and held up for ridicule—or worse.        

If you are of a mind to burn and loot America’s cities and/or savage those with traditional religious beliefs you are touted, subsidized, championed, held up as heroes, but if you try to prevent that wanton destruction and/or defend traditional morality, you are branded a racist, attacked, canceled. Moreover, the inherent and now systemic corruption of the country’s intelligence and defense agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA-- and all branches of the military—should have permanently dissuaded red-blooded, red state Americans from continuing to appreciate and celebrate the erstwhile Shining City on a Hill, the Last Best Hope.

The American flag once represented equal opportunity for individuals-- and freedom of speech, assembly, religion, conscience and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Several of the Founders did not believe the Bill of Rights was necessary, because they thought it so obvious that everyone had those rights, unimpeachable as they were/are, granted by the Creator. But, truth be told, the flag now represents essentially the opposite: blind allegiance to a particular political agenda, an agenda held by those in power in government, Big tech, corporate boardrooms, academia, the mainstream media, and “entertainment.” These close-minded elites, who gleefully marginalize anyone who doesn’t openly profess agreement with their supposedly progressive agenda, are the ones who should now be proudly flying the American flag, for all they have made it stand for recently.

Our self-declared “tolerant” rulers have simply brushed us aside, as if we were lint…as we have let them. The concepts of limited government, the rule of law, and individual sovereignty have been tossed out, permanently relegated to the ash heap of history, by these “progressives.” These archaic concepts have been replaced by their “wokester” political agenda of “some are more equal than others”…as determined by skin color and other immutable characteristics…and sanctioned and defined by the state. Meaning them.

The Star-Spangled Banner and all it once stood for has been hijacked. It is, therefore, more than ironic that progressives still kneel in dissent during the national anthem as it is in view…and that conservatives still stand to honor it.

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