Sunday, July 18, 2021

CNN Medical Analysts Call For Mandatory Vaccinations


CNN further solidified its relationship with needle Nazis recently, with several “medical analysts” calling for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations.

CNN’s own medical analyst, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, told host Erin Burnett, “I do think it's time to  start mandating vaccines. And I think that private industry and private organizations will do that." Reiner added, "75 million adults have chosen to not get vaccinated and that choice has consequences. Now, we can't force you to take a jab in the arm but there are many jobs perhaps that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated.”  (“Arbeit macht frei”……unless you are unvaccinated?)

Leana Wen, the former president of Planned Parenthood, also recently appeared on the flagging network to say that unvaccinated Americans should be subjected to more draconian restrictions. Wen is on the record as stating that businesses should only be allowed to return to full capacity if "they are checking for proof of vaccination.” Except in the case of illegal aliens undocumented workers, I’m sure. Does she think that businesses should be forced to check for proof that their employees and customers are AIDS-free, as well? And that they have had their measles shots, “regular” flu vaccines, etc.? If not, why? (If not Wen, does WHO?)

During her CNN appearance, Wen bemoaned the fact that “It’s easy if you’re unvaccinated, you can do everything you want to do anyway.” She recently wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post in which she said that President Biden should have instituted a national vaccine mandate and chided him for failing to use the White House Independence Day event to tell folks that choosing whether or not to get vaccinated is not an “individual decision.” That’s interesting. So, Wen believes that what happens to your body is not up to you, but is really the government’s bailiwick? Goodbye, America. Hello Chinese Communist Party style totalitarianism. This is particularly preposterous coming from the erstwhile head of an organization that strongly supported the mantras “my body, my choice” and “keep the government out of our bedrooms.”

Wen opined that, if people wanted to opt out of the vaccinations, they should be forced to “sign these forms” and get “twice weekly testing.”

“It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated,” she stated.

Since when is it the American government’s job to selectively make life harder for some of its citizens? Who decided the whole “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” thing was a relic of the white male patriarchy that should be expunged with all due haste? Why, Wen, should we appropriate the unrepresentative forms of government that so many other nations have used to brutalize their peoples throughout history?

(When I was younger, my parents used to take me to a theme park where hens, ducks, and gerbils were kept in glass-enclosed cages. If they performed the “correct” action or made the “right” choice from among several options, they were “rewarded” with a bit of food. Kind of like the current Chinese social score system. That isn’t “right” for the hens, ducks, and gerbils, let alone for human beings.)

Conversely, Wen averred that government needs to inform Americans, "If you are vaccinated, you can do all these things. Here are all these freedoms that you have." Yes, if you do as the government tells you to, the government will allow you some freedoms! Isn’t that great, fellow hens, ducks, and gerbils?

It saddens me to no end to think that many Americans now have to be reminded that our freedoms don’t come from others, they come from God. If they didn’t, then people like Leana Wen and Dr. Fauci could tell the rest of us what freedoms we do or don’t have. Moreover, the Holocaust would not necessarily have been bad, because the government of the Third Reich deemed it prudent and proper.

So, yes, Wen and Reiner, let’s mandate vaccinations against COVID-19. Let’s mandate vaccine passports and proofs of vaccination. Let’s also make opting for abortion legal through the third trimester. But let’s prohibit polling places from requiring any form of ID to vote in American presidential elections.

Maybe one day someone will develop a vaccine against idiocy, hypocrisy, bullying, evil.

Maybe I will then assert that those vaccinations should be mandatory.

Democrats, “experts,” and their sycophants in Big Business, Tech, Academia and Media would go crazy, shouting, “How dare this bigoted, radical, right-wing fascist try to impose his will on the rest of us. It’s our body, our choice!”

Point proven.


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