Friday, July 23, 2021

Shark Attacks Now "Interactions"


Australian shark enthusiasts are urging people to stop using the term "attack" when referring to shark attacks bites, suggesting that the term “interactions” be used instead.

University of Sydney language researcher Christopher Pepin-Neff recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that most shark bites are nothing more than “nips,” and that the "choice of words can be potent since public fears about beach safety can be inflamed by alarmist language by politicians and the media." Pepin-Neff flatly added that the term “’Shark attack’ is a lie.” Really? One may be “nipped” by a Black Lab, but by a Great White?

The shark zealots claim that the media has “warped the reputation” of sharks by considering them to be cold-blooded killers. The vast majority of sharks are cold-blooded and do, in fact, kill-- humans and various other species—so this is that rarest of occasions when the media actually has something right. But, no matter, this is in keeping with the general progressive trend of demanding that we specifically call things what they aren’t. Transgender “women,” “mostly peaceful protesters,” “women’s health care,” “the People’s Republic,” the “For the People Act,” etc., etc.

A Marine Conservation Society shark researcher said that the term “attack” should be dropped in favor of a more neutral and palatable phrase to "dispel inherent assumptions that sharks are ravenous, mindless, man-eating monsters." When they are, in fact, diet conscious, brilliant, vegan ambassadors of the sea.

Macquarie University associate professor Nathan Hart says that sharks are mainly just curious about humans. Quite. In the way that Michael Moore is “curious about” donuts.  Hart adds that “Sharks don’t have hands, so if they want to explore something, they mouth it.” Yes, in the manner of Hunter Biden “exploring” a crack pipe.

Even Australian government agencies have begun substituting “encounters” or “incidents” for “shark attacks.” Forget Jaws. Think Close Encounters of the Blurred Kind.

(If leftists have their way, we will soon be referring to the “interaction” at Pearl Harbor and the “incident” on 9/11. What we may actually need is an “intervention,” maybe even the Big One. The way things are going, it may take the rapture to save us now.)

The long-term average number of shark attacks interactions globally is 82 per year. There were reportedly 13 verified shark-related human deaths globally in 2020. Oops, sorry, I meant (fatal) “encounters.”

So, “Good on ya’” shark apologists. You’ve made things perfectly clear queer. Too bad human limbs aren’t as easily replaced as shark’s teeth. Or terms that progressives don’t like.



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