Friday, July 23, 2021

Abortion Clinics Should Use Gender-Neutral Language Non-Binary Transgender Says


Women’s Health magazine recently posted a piece by Nick Lloyd (as told to Kristin Canning, the magazine’s features director), a non-binary transgender person who believes abortion clinics should use gender-neutral language in all their communication. Lloyd, who has previously had an abortion, was upset that the experience was too “gendered.”

Lloyd averred, "Trans and non-binary people get pregnant and have abortions—and that doesn't invalidate their gender. And they're deserving of care that affirms their gender.” It should be noted that abortion does, however, invalidate their babies, who might be deserving of care that affirms their…existence.

Lloyd noted, "I didn't feel ashamed about having an abortion. It was an easy decision for me. But, as a non-binary, transgender person, my abortion experience led to a lot of gender dysphoria. Every clinic had the word women’s in the name, all the pamphlets used gendered language and featured images of gender-conforming people, and clinicians were kind but didn't understand trans and non-binary experiences. It felt dehumanizing. I had to emotionally disconnect from the experience entirely because of how gendered it was.” Well, it was certainly, literally, dehumanizing for the baby. It is preposterously, monstrously self-centered for anyone to say she he they had to disconnect from their abortion experience because it was too gendered, but not because they were extinguishing the life inside of them.

Lloyd added, "There is so much clinics can do to become more inclusive of all genders. They could also take a look at the clinic decor and make sure that feels inclusive as well.” (But not inclusive of the baby, I’m guessing.)

It is simply insane to say that men—or “all genders”-- can have abortions.

The Left already employs morality-neutral language. Speaking of gender-neutral language-- and considering how upset Lloyd is at the gendered, non-inclusive term “women’s” being used-- it is amazingly ironic that Lloyd’s piece appeared in…Women’s Health.


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