Friday, July 30, 2021

Crime And Punishment


“Crime and Punishment” is a great book, but Dostoevsky’s classic is no match for today’s updated Democrat version, effectively titled, “Crime Is In The Eye Of The Beholder And It Is Really The Fault Of Society At Large And White People In Specific.”

 Democrats definitely do believe that there is such a thing as crime, but their definition of crime is distinctly different from traditional notions regarding same. Ergo, here is a primer on Crime 2.0, compliments of today’s new Democrats:

*Crime: denying the existence of man-caused climate change.

*Not a crime: denying the existence of truth, morality, a higher power, or anything else that could in any way constrain one’s behavior…or limit elite Democrats’ power.

*Crime: marginalizing and shaming a drug-addled homeless person by encouraging them to get sober and get a job.

*Not a crime: stealing a $900 big screen television from a Target store in San Francisco.

*Crime: selling cigarettes to an underaged person.

*Not a crime: encouraging an underaged person to get an abortion or “change their sex” by way of hormone treatments and/or body mutilation.

*Crime: walking unarmed thru the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., after Capitol police officers opened the door(s) for you.

*Not a crime: burning down and/or looting numerous businesses in any large city in America.

*Crime: “misgendering” someone.

*Not a crime: being a man and claiming you’re a woman so you can “hang out” 😉 in what were formerly girls’ locker rooms, bathrooms and spas.

*Crime: publicly disagreeing with the Biden administration and/or other “progressives,” be it on social media or elsewhere.

*Not a crime: propagating and disseminating bold-faced lies about the Trump administration and conservatives, be it on social media or elsewhere.

*Crime: refusing to bake a cake for a gay, transgender wedding.

*Not a crime: taking the nascent life of your own baby in your womb.

*Crime: trafficking in “misinformation” about the coronavirus or questioning the effectiveness of vaccines.

*Not a crime: encouraging hundreds of thousands of immigrants to cross our southern border untested for the coronavirus and proceeding to fly them around the country at taxpayers’ expense.

*Crime: any dealing any Trump family member or associate had with any business, personal, or national entity in the past 20 years, regardless of intent.

*Not a crime: any act, no matter how illegal, violent, unethical, vile, or lewd, that is committed by a Democrat or associate, past or present, regardless of maliciousness or malevolence.

*Crime: not being sufficiently enthusiastic when a left-leaning person tells you “their truth.”

*Not a crime: slandering and libeling a traditional/conservative person, labeling them Nazis, hate-mongers, or bigots and repeatedly saying their actions are “worse than 9/11” or “worse than the Civil War.”


Too many Republicans go along to get along. Too many conservatives lack the will to fight. So much so that one day soon we will find there is nothing left to conserve. Each of us as individuals must vow to never give in again, never cede a point or an argument, where a matter of political principle is involved. Be polite. Charming even. But don’t back down. No matter where we are or with whom we are conversing, it is our time to be PROUD! (After all, everyone else is.)

We are most of the way down a very slippery slope. It is time to start climbing back up the hill.

I will end with a pertinent quote from Crime And Punishment: “Nothing in this world is harder than speaking the truth, nothing easier than flattery.“


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